Thursday, October 30, 2014

What Do You Want to Read About?

Hi there! 

How's your week?  Halloween tomorrow!  I will not be trick-or-treating as Sage is a bit young for that, but I do have a bag a candy for handing out.  My plans include snuggling on the couch with my husband, Sage and the pups (ok, we won't all fit on the couch but the pups wish) and watching something Halloween related.  I'd like to cook a new recipe for dinner so I'll keep you posted (via Instagram) on that.

Love A Latte has covered a bunch of topics over the last (almost) two years: food - vegan and macrobiotic recipes, grocery shopping, lattes, Macrobiotics, running, pregnancy, life with baby, chatter about the day-to-day...

I know I bounce around a lot and then often get stuck on a topic, like with running, and then with pregnancy...

But what do you like to read about most?  I blog for myself (great outlet!) but also to inspire (and be inspired) and connect with others, like you!  So what do you enjoy hearing about?  Do you like to know what I'm eating as a plant-based eater? Are you interested in my life with a baby? Do you miss me sharing about my running and training? Should I just ramble?  I'm curious!

Ok, let me know your thoughts by commenting, emailing, or Facebook.  I SO appreciate it!  

P.S.  I had my first seasonal craving for a Starbucks peppermint latte... Must. Wait. Until. November...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: My Day with Baby Sage

Hey hey hey!

We're getting in the Halloween spirit over here. By that I mean that Sage is wearing his pumpkin pajamas and spooky ghost hat.

I'm enjoying the view from my kitchen window.  I have been cooking up a fall inspired storm lately.  Many of the recipes include butternut squash because it just screams autumn to me.  Also, there was that Gooey Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate Pudding Cake that I just HAD to try, and thank goodness I did because it rocked my world.  I'm still eating the leftovers.  I've also been really into soups lately, the more veggies, grains, and beans the better!

It's about time that I participate in "What I Ate Wednesday" because I do these sort of posts anyways. I'd like to make a habit of it.  Here I go with yesterday's eats.


Bowl of this Kashi cereal with vanilla almond milk and a mug of kukicha tea on the side.

I thought the cereal would be much more interesting if my dogs were posing behind it.  As you can tell, the sun was shining.

Sage and I then had an errand to run for my husband because he needed some craft supplies for a Halloween project he was doing with the kids at the school he works at.  Always nice to get out of the house a bit.


Tempeh BLT sandwich (leftovers).  I fry the tempeh and then dump on Frank's Red Hot sauce.  

The sandwich also had avocado, Vegenaise and tomato.  

I was actually starving for this an hour earlier, but Sage fell asleep in my lap and I didn't want to move him.  Too precious.

Can you spot the two pups napping in this picture too?  


Gooey Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate Pudding Cake time!  If you like chocolate, pumpkin and coffee, then this recipe is for you! I topped it with chocolate ice cream. I really like coconut milk ice cream better than soy, but this big container was only a dollar more and that meant more ice cream for me, so I went for it this time.  My picture of the cake inside the mug doesn't do it justice so you'll have to just make it and see.

Sage played with his mobile while I got ready to take him to the babysitter. As mentioned, I am taking him for an hour once or twice a week so both he and I can get acclimated before I go back to work.

While Sage was at the sitter, I got in a much desired run around the sitter's complex.  My knees felt a bit better on this run than the last.

When my run was done, I texted to see how Sage was doing and was happily told that he was sound asleep.  So I made a quick run to Target!


I chugged down this coconut water from Target like it was nobody's business.  Then I picked up a few other items (some crazy Halloween leggings included) and drove back to pick up my sweet baby boy.


Back at home, I had a cup of Butternut Squash, Chickpea and Red Lentil Stew to keep me full til dinner.  I made a big batch of this in my slow cooker over the weekend. 


I know it's a super early dinner, but we were hungry.  Dinner will certainly not be this early once I'm back at work.  Once my husband got home yesterday, he took Sage watch and I began cooking.  Peanut noodle stirfry with broccoli and tofu was on the menu.  I love the Peanut Dragon Dressing from Isa Does It cookbook. I used to buy a Thai Peanut Sauce from Wegmans, but not anymore with this simple and delicious recipe.

I used a really creamy organic peanut butter this time and man did it make this dish taste the best yet.


Almond Joy Cookie that Oh She Glows posted on Instagram - only three ingredients!  I made a batch last week to have in the freezer.  I was walking Sage around as he was falling asleep for a nap while eating this so I didn't get a picture.

Another day of eats came and went.  Gosh, food is good.  It was a day of scrumptious eats and a wonderful day spent with my baby boy.

What's the best thing you ate yesterday?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Autumn is Flying By & Future Goals


Being home with Sage right now is the best, but the week just flies by.  I take about a million pictures of baby boy each week.  I could never keep up with creating albums at the rate I'm going.  Blogging is such a nice way to hold onto the memories.  This weekend we are traveling to see family for a pumpkin carving party and to visit.  It's been at least a month since we made the trip and I'm looking forward to it.  Sage has grown and changed so much in the short time.  

Also, I tried on a pair of jeans that I still didn't think would fit and to my very happy surprise, they do! That means I can officially fit into my clothes again.  I seriously thank my plant-based diet for that (and I'm sure breastfeeding helps!).  I have not been counting calories, just eating whole foods and hardly anything processed.  I still eat dessert, but there's a big difference between this dessert (OMG INCREDIBLE!) and a sleeve of Oreos.  Make sense? 

I truly think sticking to whole foods helped me get back to my old body quickly.  I'm sharing this only because I so believe in the POWER of food!

Moving on...have I mentioned my love for tea?  Yes, I'm totally still a coffee person, but I gave up coffee with pregnancy and now with breastfeeding, so tea and I are BFF now.  I got this new flavor this week and it rocks.

Sage amazes me everyday.  He just grabbed at the monkey.  He inspires me to be my healthiest me.  I want to be a great role model for him and I want him to grow up knowing how fantastic healthy eating can make him feel so he can run and play and do all the things he strives to do.

Side note:  This little guy LOVES blankets.  I put a blanket on him and he lights up.  It's so cute.  I think it's the softness, it's just comforting.

So lately I've been thinking about my future goals.  Not necessarily this year (or even next), but goals that I want to accomplish.

*Attend Main Street Vegan Academy and become a Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator as well

*Run another marathon (and a half, and maybe that 50 miler I still think about)

Like I said, no timeframe on these items, but it's nice to put them out there.

What's a goal of yours?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

We Are Ready for Halloween

Hi there!

I'm not a huge Halloween person.  I loved it as a kid and in college it was always a great excuse for a good party, but in recent years I haven't gotten that excited about Halloween.  I do love the candy (last year's post: Halloween Candy - Cruelty-Free & Animal Friendly!)
and watching Hocus Pocus though!  And this year I am having a blast dressing up Sage.

Thank goodness he puts up with his mama.  This weekend we have a pumpkin carving party and I'm so excited to bring our little munchkin.

In other news, I have been taking advantage of this glorious fall weather and running close to every other day, two miles with the dogs.  I took Lincoln, our yellow lab, for the first time yesterday and boy did he give me a workout!  He dragged me along with him and I appreciated the push to keep on going. At 14 years old he is in incredible shape.  Thank you for the workout, Lincoln!

Jax is fun to run with too if you want to be lazy.  He sniffs a lot and isn't as fast.  They are good boys.  I can only take one at a time though because it just wouldn't flow all of us running together.  I might lose an arm or something.  My knees have felt tight lately which doesn't make me happy, but I'm staying positive and jumping into running again slowly.

Today, we are visiting the babysitter again for an hour.  I'm making a routine of this over the next two months to get acclimated.  Sage still won't take a bottle so each week we're going to have the sitter try.

I think I might go sign my husband and I up for the gym by our house today too.  I want this nice fall weather to last for a while, but I want the gym to fall back on if it turns. 

Sage is holding my hand while I type this post... No words to describe how that makes me feel.  He's overdue for a morning nap. Sweet boy.

This post is random, but I wanted to say hi!  To sum things up:  Halloween is super fun with my baby boy, I'm running again, and I love autumn.  There we go!

What are you doing for Halloween?

What's your favorite candy?

Monday, October 20, 2014

10 Weeks Later with Baby Sage

Hi there!

Just a few minutes ago Sage turned 10 weeks old.  It's close to 6AM and he has just fallen back asleep in my arms.  Baby boy slept from 8:30PM to 5:00AM last night! I'm so impressed.  That is by far the longest stretch of sleep for him and myself yet.  I think I slept close to eight hours last night...that's CRAZY!  It's probably been close to a year that I've slept that long.  

I wanted to do a post on life 10 weeks later with our beautiful baby boy.  It's a way for me to remember little details in time.  I'll be doing a three month update for Sage soon so this is more about me.  Here I go!

Ten weeks later...

I'm getting substantially more sleep than those early weeks of 2-4 hours each night of interrupted sleep.  I'm not even sure how I was functioning then. Well, I didn't leave my house for a month at first.  The female body is incredible.  If you had told me I'd be getting by on that little sleep (which I suppose people did) I would have been a bit scared.  Taking care of another life and being crazy sleep deprived is no joke.  However, I found energy reserves that seemed to not exist prior to becoming a mama.  It's remarkable where you find the energy when you feel like you have none.  It's all worth every sleepless night.

Sage is sleeping in the Rock n' Play next to our bed.  I'm not sure when we'll try to move him over to his crib.  I'm certainly not ready yet.

I'm cooking and baking a lot again.  So much of these updates relate to sleep.  Less sleep meant lack of desire to cook because I just wanted to sleep every chance I got.  Now, I'm constantly looking for new recipes to try. I'm really having fun cooking and being home with Sage.  He often hangs out with me in the kitchen.  He likes watching me bounce around and talk to him.

I'm so grateful that I'm home on maternity leave for another two months because I do not feel ready to go back to work yet.  I'm just not ready to leave Sage.  I love spending my days with him. It's such a special time and he's a blast to hangout with.  Watching him develop and grow each day is the most precious thing.

I'm almost back to my pre-baby size.  My clothes fit.  Pants are just slightly tighter.  I'm guessing I'm a few pounds heavier.  I have noticed with running though that my stomach has gotten tighter the last few weeks.

There's plenty of laundry each day.  Who knew such a beautiful little person could go through so much laundry.  

We're loving our cloth diapers.  They are the best!  We have 18 Bum Genius 4.0s and I highly recommend them.  Sage hardly has any diaper rash from them, very rarely do they leak, and the best part is we haven't spent a dime on diapers in 10 weeks.  

I still get overly emotional at times.  Being a mama is hard work.  Sage was crying Saturday evening really hard for just a few minutes and I think he was just really overtired.  He was so worked up that he wouldn't eat.  I knew he just needed to relax.  My husband scooped him up out of my arms and I just started to cry.  I too was overtired and drained and my body just needed that release.  Sage maybe cried for five minutes tops, and then fed and went to sleep.  Looking back, it was no big deal, but sometimes those moments are tough.  We both just wanted to comfort him.

I'm running again!  Sadly on my two mile run yesterday my knees hurt. Boo!  It felt great otherwise though.  Jax had fun too.

The house doesn't feel like a disaster.  No energy to clean in those early weeks. With my husband's help, our house has been looking good.  We are not clean freaks and our house definitely looks lived in on a daily basis, but that's ok.  We even got a new rug yesterday.

We grocery shopped as a family for the first time yesterday as well.  Just a week ago I'm not sure I would have been up for that.  Sage does not like to just hangout when he's awake.  He loves to be watching his mobile or playing with a blanket or interacting with his parents.  I can already tell he will be a little boy that can't sit still. However, the Moby Wrap has been comforting to him on our last few outings.  He can look around and he has been falling asleep in it.  Plus, I love having him close to me.

I feel blessed everyday to be a mama.  Sage is our little angel.  He's been sleeping in my arms while I typed this post on my phone.  I cherish these moments and hold them close to my heart.

How was your weekend?

How have the last 10 weeks been for you?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Enjoying Fall & Happy Friday

Happy Friday! 

It's supposed to rain all weekend, so I just had to get out on a walk with Sage this morning.

Jax joined us and posed so lovely for my picture.

Sage started out awake but sleepy...

And then the little dinosaur drifted off...

Yesterday, my mom and brother visited so Lincoln got to join us on a walk as well.  More hands to handle the stroller and the dogs.

I'm soaking up this gorgeous weather while it lasts because the leaves are rapidly falling.

I'm also eating as many pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes as possible because before you know it I'll be onto peppermint cookie truffles.

Have a fantastic weekend!

How was your week?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Day in Food (Vegan)


Ready for another day of food?  This was my Tuesday eats.  It's all vegan and all super tasty.


Butternut squash pancakes topped with earth balance and maple syrup.  My first time eating these!  I wanted to use up some of the roasted squash from the day before.


Lemon ginger tea in my $1 Starbucks cup.  I love these reusable cups.  Have you seen them?  Seriously, only a buck.

While baby boy napped...


This chocolately smoothie filled with chia seeds, oats, almond butter, banana, and spinach, oh my!


Butternut Squash Mac n' Cheeze and tempeh (fried in Frank's Red Hot for BLTs over the weekend) with avocado and tomato to go along.  Basically I don't like to waste food and these were leftovers from the weekend.  Still just as delicious.

And a few minutes after I finished lunch...

Not the whole container, I swear.  Just a solid third of it.  Notice the sleeping baby in the background.  He sleeps, I get to eat.

Then it was time to visit the babysitter Sage will be going to when I go back to work.  Mama and Sage selfie!


Time for some more tea.  This time Kukicha tea.  Speaking of which, I haven't talked about my interest in the macrobiotic diet here in a long time, but it's still very influential in my life.

Sage and I then made a quick trip to Wegmans to pick up just a few items.

I got home and needed a sweet snack.



And then a sweet smile...


Handful of cashews to hold me over until dinner.


And finally dinner.  I'm starved by this time. 

Scrambled tofu with greens (collards) and raspberry chipotle sauce over green rice (made from sautéing spinach and scallions then pureing and mixing with short grain brown rice).  

This meal is all about the flavor.  It may not look appetizing but it's so crazy good.  This recipe is from Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers cookbook.  Moosewood restaurant is in Ithaca, New York with fantastic vegan meal options. My husband and I have eaten there a few times on special occasions.


Dessert time.  Two chocolate chip cookies from this book.  

It's a one bowl simple recipe that gets me my cookie fix in less than 20 minutes!

I just eat my way through the day.  I'm a hungry mama between breastfeeding and running, and that's good because I love food.  

What's the best thing you ate today?  

What do you think of my food day?