Thursday, July 24, 2014

19 Days Until My Due Date


Ready for some rambling?

Today officially marks 19 days until my due date.  We're so excited to meet our baby boy.    It is really hard to be patient.  Of course I want him to bake as long as he needs to, but my hubby and I can hardly wait for his arrival.  Baby boy's room is ready and I can only vacuum the house so much.  That being said, 19 more days is really a crazy short period of time.  However, my doctor did let me know at my appointment on Monday that they'd let me go up to 10 days past my due date.  Ok, that's still less than a month from now! 

Speaking of vacuuming, our new vacuum from Target arrived yesterday and it's fantastic.  Never in my life have I gotten so excited over a vacuum.  A few years ago we bought a super cheap vacuum just to get us by in the apartment we were living in at the time.  However, two years later (and now in a house and living with an additional furry dog), we needed a real vacuum.  Turns out spending $100 on a vacuum is actually worth the money.  The floors are a whole new level of clean.  Little things like this make me feel like I'm preparing for baby boy.  My dogs on the other hand do not appreciate my vacuuming as much as I do.

Last night we set the bassinet up in our room.  My husband suggested we put it next to the bed so that our dogs could begin to get used to it being there, and then they would get used to not being able to sleep in that spot.  I think they just sort of thought it was an obstacle in their way and didn't really bother with it.  They might think differently when they hear a baby in it, but hopefully this helps them acclimate.  

Jax (our German Shepherd Border Collie Mix) has been such a love lately.  Like to the point that when I go to hug my husband goodbye in the morning, Jax appears next to his leg nudging him for attention.  I'm not sure if he senses something is up or what.  He's always been the biggest cuddle bug, but he seems to have taken it up a notch as of late.  I've been trying to give him extra attention just so he knows I'll always love him like crazy.

We've made progress in the new car department.  Since finding out that my husband's car might not last us as long as we planned, we visited the Subaru dealership on Tuesday night.  I generally hate going to the dealership and dealing with the salesman, but this was an impressively non-stressful and delightful experience.  We knew what he wanted and made that clear.  We've ordered our Subaru Outback and it should be ready by the end of August.  Therefore, it most likely will not be here before baby boy arrives, but that's OK.  Hopefully my husband's car will go strong for another month, and if not, we'll use my car for the time being and make it work.

   This weekend I really want to stock up our freezer/refrigerator a bit.  We are sort of on empty right now because we were busy last weekend and didn't do a full shop.  Time to get some extra food in the house.  Just another task that will make me feel like I'm being productive.

Alright, I think that just about sums things up at the moment.  Baby boy will come when the time is right!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cap'n Crunch Berries Smoothie

Hey there!

This morning I needed to make a new smoothie.  I've been making this smoothie for at least the past month and it was time for a change.  Plus the spinach in the refrigerator didn't look all that appealing this morning and I wanted to use up some of the frozen strawberries chilling in the freezer.  

I was going to call this shake "PB&J Smoothie" but my husband inspired the name change.  I made a shake for him this morning too and the first thing he said was, "This tastes like Cap'n Crunch Berries cereal!"  I totally agreed.  That was one of the special cereals we rarely got growing up, but it was always a special treat when we did.  Now it's way too sugary for me and I really don't like the aftertaste, but this smoothies gives the flavor without all that junk.

The ingredients are ridiculously basic so feel free to add whatever else you think would make it better.  I just needed something nutritious to start my day and this basic smoothie did the trick.  It makes enough for two people.

Into the blender:

1 and 3/4 cups vanilla almond milk
1 overflowing cup of frozen strawberries
2 tbsp. chia seeds
2 tbsp. creamy peanut butter

  Then blend!

Like I said, it's super simple, but I'm posting it because it really was delicious and I plan on making it again, and again!  I think next time I'll add some ground flaxseed just for added goodness.  Some protein powder would probably be a nice addition as well.  Good thing my PlantFusion protein powder is on it's way! 

What was your favorite treat cereal growing up?  Would you try this smoothie?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 37 Weeks

Hey hey hey!

I'm in the 9th month. Woohoo!  Baby boy has reached full term.  That makes me so happy.

This week I bought the last things on our list-of-things-to-buy-before-baby-boy-arrives.  A bought a Moby Wrap and one more cloth diaper!  The Moby Wrap was something I really wanted as I envision using it around the house a lot with baby boy and when out and about.  We had a coupon/gift card for Babies R Us and I was so happy to see they sold them in store.  I bought one more cloth diaper, so we now have a total of 10 bum genius 4.0s.  I figure that's a solid days worth and then we can acquire more over the next few months.

Weight: 27.5 pounds gained.  I swear I'm not eating that much more, but I just seem to keep putting on the pounds.  

Body:  Feeling large.  I'm so thankful for the two summer dresses my hubby got me recently because they are my very favorite thing to wear.  They are long and loose and stylish.  I wear them every week to work (and I'd wear them everyday if I could).  I've been tired lately.  My legs feel like I've walked many miles by the end of the day.  My stomach feels off sporadically.  But then in the mix of it all I'll have moments when I feel fantastic.  It's a big mix right now.  Heartburn is daily though.

Cravings:  Food doesn't always sound that fantastic.  I just need to eat at this point because I really am hungry.  We made a homemade pizza last Wednesday (trying to use up the homegrown tomatoes) and it was delicious.  I also got a salad from my very favorite vegan cafe one day that had the works on it - "chicken" strips, walnuts, cranberries, apple, "blue cheese", all topped with a poppyseed dressing.  

I had a huge veggie burger with fries on Sunday.  Oh, and a few onion rings!  On Friday night I needed something basic and nutritious for dinner.  I made a whole lot of apple cider vinegar tofu over brown rice with a pile of steamed kale.  

  Sleep:  Fine.  Even on the nights that I get a good amount of sleep I still wake up feeling tired.  I'm just tired lately in general.  I get random bursts of energy and I'll be productive around the house, but then I'll need to rest for a while.  There's absolutely no sleeping through the night at this point due to bathroom breaks.  I slept in until 8AM both weekend mornings which is practically unheard of for me.  It was so nice not to have an alarm to follow.

Best Moments (and some happenings):  Feeling baby boy's kicks!  They are downright entertaining at times.  One morning I kept seeing a bulge right below my right rib area.  I assume it was a foot.  It's so funny to me.  When we're relaxing at night and he's bouncing around, I just love it.  There's definitely much less room for him to move so I really feel the jabs at this point.  Feeling his movements will forever be one of my favorite things.

My hubby and I drove to a Phish concert last week.  It was an absolutely beautiful night to just be out on the lawn listening to the music.  I also got a pile of fresh cut fries that were salty deliciousness.  We only stayed about an hour an a half because (1) it was getting way past my current bedtime and (2) we didn't want to be around the cigarette smoke.  So the fresh air was nice while it lasted and then we had a relaxing hour drive home listening to a book on tape.   

Over the weekend we bought our very first lawnmower.  It's a big deal.  When we moved into our house we just happened to stumble across a lawnmower someone had left on the side of the road, and it lasted us a whole year!  Within that year we had to ask our neighbor to repair it like five times, but it was all really simple stuff for him.  However, it had it's final run over the weekend.  Now that we had to buy our very first lawnmower, I really feel like an adult ;)

On top of that, our vacuum decided to freakout over the weekend as well.  We had to say goodbye to that too.  New vacuum is on it's way from Target this week and it's supposed to be really good at getting rid of pet fur.  A quality vacuum is life changing with my two furry pups.  

On Monday morning, just as my husband was dropping me off at work, his car started to overheat.  Uh oh... Our plan is to buy a new car this fall, but that plan just got bumped up a bit.  Thankfully his car just needed a new water pump and it wasn't too pricey.  However, we were basically told that his car could last a week or a year.  Hmmm...not the most reassuring news.  Therefore, we are heading to the Subaru dealership tonight to start the process. On a happy note, we put the car seat in my hubby's car (even though now we may be taking it out - oops!) on Saturday, so those pups enjoyed their final ride in his car prior to the car seat being installed.  They love to come everywhere with us, but now that my husband cleaned all the fur out of his car, we want to keep it clean for when baby boy arrives.  The pups will just have to be patient for their car rides.

Saturday morning errands with our pups!

 Sunday was my mother-in-laws birthday.  Happy happy birthday!  We drove to my hometown and visited with family for the day.  Great food (that veggie burger I mentioned), wonderful company, and happy birthday celebrating.  It was a really nice day.  Later that night we came home and finished baby boy's room. 

On the road on Sunday...

We hung the window and closet curtain my mom made for the nursery (thanks, Mom!).  There is literally nothing else we plan to do to his room.  Baby boy, your room is ready for you!

My mom made the owl curtains and my mother-in-law made that adorable blanket on the chair.  Talented ladies!

 Goals:  I had my 37 week doctor's appointment yesterday and at this point it's just time to wait for baby boy's arrival.  We are so excited to meet you whenever you're ready!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 36 Weeks

Hi there!

Weight:  25 pounds gained.  Up a pound from last week.

Hello baby belly!  And a seriously bad hair day.

Body:  Feeling large.  I put on a maternity top that I got during the colder months that used to be a little big on me and it fit me snug now.  When I go to get dressed is when I really notice how much my middle has grown.  Heart burn has been bad a few nights, but like last week, Tums helped with that.  

I had one crazy cramp in my calf when I woke up Friday morning.  It really hurt!  It passed after 20 seconds or so, but man that was quite the way to wake up.  Then, by Sunday, I was in a lot of pain on my right lower half.  My calf was super tight which then transferred up my leg and to my butt.  Literally a massive pain in my ass!  I could hardly walk Sunday night.  My husband had to carry me to the bedroom.  I think it was my sciatic nerve.  The pain was definitely movement related.  If I stepped or turned the wrong way I got a shooting pain in my butt.  I was really upset Sunday night and the not being able to walk aspect really freaked me out.  I've been stretching each day since and luckily I woke up Monday morning feeling much improved!

Cravings:  I had Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain toast topped with vegenaise and a homegrown (by hubby) tomato one (very early) morning, and it was one of the best things I ate all week.  So basic, but amazing. 

Also, my husband and I shared some pretty incredible nachos at lunch last Thursday as well.  Avocado was heavenly.  Chocolate almond (or PB) shake still sounds great each morning.  The best meals were sesame tofu and at lunch one day I ate an entire Tofurky club.  

  Sleep: Definitely the worst week of sleep yet.  I consistently wake up at 4AM and can't fall back asleep.  I've been playing this game called Two Dots on my phone.  It's addicting.  And then I go on Pinterest.  I generally then fall back asleep around 5:30AM and need to get up by 7AM.  The lack of sleep must be training me for baby boy. 

Best Moments:  Going out to lunch with hubby during the workweek on Thursday.  We rarely get that opportunity, so it was like a date in the middle of the day.  We've really been enjoying sitting out on our deck lately as well and sometimes listening to a book on tape or just hanging with the pups.  The previous owners of our house had setup this sort of tent like deal for the deck and we never really understood why, until now.  One night we decided to put up the netting and it's really cozy!  Keeps the bugs out and we are able to hangout on the deck a lot more comfortably.  Turns out they really did know what they were doing, and we've just been missing out by not putting it up sooner.

We had our 36 week sonogram yesterday!  It was the best getting to see our baby boy again.  It's been since 21 weeks.  They told us that he's head down, so his heels are what I feel in my ribs.  That's really cute to me.  The tech said he is around 6 pounds.  Yay!  Baby boy was stubborn and didn't let us get a good picture, but in this one you can see part of his little face.  My husband and I can't decide whose nose he has.  

While I certainly felt quite crappy a good portion of this week, it ended with pure happiness because I got to see our baby boy. 

Goals:  Enjoy these final weeks of pregnancy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 35 Weeks


I read that baby boy won't grow longer at this point, he'll just be packing on the pounds.  I'm happy to eat plenty and help him with that!  I'm so happy to be at 35 weeks.  I feel like it could be any day now, but I think 39 weeks would be ideal.  Ha!  Like I have any say when he'll come, but we'll be waiting with loving arms, that's for sure.  At my doctor's appointment today, the doctor told me that he is head down, but hasn't entirely dropped yet.  In her words, "You've got another few weeks..." 

Weight: 24 pounds gained.  

Body:  I've had more random aches and pains in the last week.  My body is just trying to adjust to the added weight I'm carrying around.  My legs and feet are very tired by the end of the day.  I'm also running to the bathroom every 15 minutes it seems.  I swear that I'll sit down at my desk at work after just using the restroom and then have to go again.  Baby boy must be hanging out on my bladder.  Bending down seems near impossible at this point.   

His kicks have been really fun lately!  They are completely different than they were just a few months ago.  Many times I've seen a body part (not sure which) pushing out close to my ribs.  I've gotten some serious jabs.  He tends to be really active at night and I look forward to that time.  

We made homemade pesto pizza on 35 weeks.   Love those fresh tomatoes from our garden.

Cravings:  Watermelon has been the best thing ever.  It's been crazy hot outside and it hits the spot.  Grapes too.  I'm back on a kick with shakes each morning.  My husband and I bought way too much spinach (turns out it's possible) from the Farmer's Market last weekend, so every morning I put a few cups worth in a chocolate/peanut butter (or almond butter) shake.  I love the way spinach just disappears in the shake while giving me the green goodness.

I made my first strawberry rhubarb pie over the weekend!  It's one of my husband's favorites that he grew up eating, but I had never eaten it before.  Turns out it's absolutely delicious.  I followed a vegan recipe from Vegan Pie in the Sky.  It was about time I dug into that book.  I need to make the other pies in there for sure.  So Delicious vanilla coconut ice cream paired perfectly on top.

Sleep:  Tired by the end of the day for sure!  I didn't sleep much last Thursday as I was up from 1:30-4:30AM for no reason other than I just woke up and couldn't get quite comfortable enough.  Of course I fell back asleep hard around 4:30AM and had to be up by 7AM, so I was quite tired that work day.  Oh well.   Getting comfortable is a big challenge.  I'm constantly flipping from side to side throughout the night.  Once again, it's all to be expected at this point in pregnancy for sure.

Best Moments:  We found a sitter for our baby boy come fall when I go back to work.  It really all depends when baby boy arrives when I'll officially go back to work, but I'm planning (as much as I can really plan) sometime around Thanksgiving.  The young woman has a three old daughter and 10 month old little boy (perfect little playmate for our boy), and she lives five minutes from our house.  We are so happy to have found her.  I know it's going to be really hard leaving our baby boy when I first go back to work, so I plan to ease into it a little before going back by having him go maybe 1/2 day, one day/week at first to the babysitter.  Maybe I'll even join at first.  We'll play it by ear, but I think it would make things easier on me and baby boy.

My parents pup, Bailee.  Absolute sweetheart.

 The long weekend rocked.  We visited family for the 4th of July and then watched my parents dogs on Saturday.  They had a good time with my husband and I.  We took them to our favorite burger joint because there is outdoor seating.  I got the best veggie dog with fries and a side of vegan baked beans.  It truly doesn't get any better than that when it comes to summer food.

Sunday was filled with the farmer's market, hanging out on our deck, reading, and cooking/baking up a storm of deliciousness.  When Monday rolled around, I was tired.

Lastly, we finished decorating baby boy's room!  Well except for the curtains that we need to hang.  We added planes and hot air balloons wall decals and they complete the cuteness just right.  

Goals:  Clean the house (again).  I'm being a bit of a clean freak lately.  Stock up the freezer.  Get things more organized at work for when I go on maternity leave.  Put in the car seat.  I've packed our hospital bag for baby boy, now I just need to pack everything for my husband and I.     

We are so excited to meet you baby boy!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 34 Weeks

Hey hey hey!

Baby boy is around 5 pounds - woohoo!  I think his growing is for sure showing by my growing belly.  He's gaining fat and getting rounder.

Body:  I'm honestly feeling really good.  Yes, I get uncomfortable more easily and I definitely feel the extra weight, but overall no major complaints.  When I'm sitting for long periods of time, I find I need to readjust often to stay comfortable.  At work, I get up to walk around away from my desk sporadically just to move a bit.  Heartburn continues to be my worst symptom, and Tums really take care of that.  I've had some random aches (maybe braxton hicks contractions) while walking that stop me suddenly.  Nothing that persists for any length of time.  We were walking out of Chipotle on Saturday and it happened, and my husband was like "maybe baby boy is coming today!"  No, thank you, not quite yet.  I'm ecstatic to meet our baby boy, but I want him to bake for at least another month just for his own health.

My hubby got me this dress from Kohls - I love it! 
It's non-maternity which is awesome because I certainly plan to wear it later on as well.

Cravings:  I wanted lots of carbs last week.  Cheesy pasta please!  However, my favorite meal of the week was on Sunday.  My husband and I went out to lunch with my mother-in-law and I got (amazing) hummus with pita, and a monster salad of greens, mushrooms, tomatoes, and green onions with a tasty vinaigrette.  It was crazy hot out on Sunday and this meal hit the spot.     

Sleep:  I fall asleep quite fast at night normally.  I've been sleeping pretty good.  I wake up every night to use the bathroom, but sometimes not until really early morning.  I'm (still) tossing and turning throughout the night, but that's certainly to be expected.  I love that when I wake up in the night I often feel baby boy's kicks. 

Best Moment(s):  Feeling his kicks!  I feel a lot of movement close to my ribs these days.  Not sure if that means he's kicking me or giving me punches.  Either way, it's crazy cool.

We decorated baby boy's room some more!  We added the sun and clouds on the wall opposite the crib, and the alphabet on the wall next to the crib.  It's really coming together now.  We've got one more tree wall decal and planes/hot air balloons on order, so hopefully they will arrive soon.  

And baby boy's room is now completely organized!!!  This thrills me.  I washed all his blankets, towels, clothes, and put everything away.  It's a relief and such happiness to have his room setup.  We plan to have him sleep in a bassinet in our room at first, but it's still nice to have the crib all setup because I plan to use it for naps. 

Goals:  I've been doing a lot of reading on cloth diapering (thanks to you other wonderful bloggers who have posted about it).  I just love the green aspect of cloth diapering as well as the money savings part of it.  I read that it costs something like $3,000 if you use disposable diapers until the child is 2.5 years old.  That's a lot of money! 

We are very lucky that we were gifted with giftcards at our showers, so our start-up cost for cloth diapering is next to nothing (it would have been around $150 for days worth).  So far we own 9 bumGenius 4.0's and I'd like to acquire another bunch over the next few months so we have two days worth.  I might want to  acquire a few of the bumGenius Freetimes (the all-in-ones) as well, then I'll have a comparison for which ones we like better.  I've heard great things about both, but I think overall the 4.0's seem to win out, at least on the posts I've read.  The cloth diapers are just so bright and ridiculously cute!  I'm sure I won't be saying that when I'm changing a ton each day.  I like everything about cloth diapering, so I hope our baby boy does too.  We have a stash of newborn disposables for at least the first month though. 

The fact that our baby boy's room is all setup (aside from a few decorations) is a beautiful relief.  It makes me feel so much more ready.  Now I just need to pack that hospital bag!  That will happen this weekend.  I'm so happy to be at 34 weeks.  Six weeks seems like forever and really close at the same time.  

Last night I had a dream that I was giving our baby boy a bath, but the lights were off so I couldn't see his face very well.  He was laughing and splashing and I was yelling to my husband to turn on the light so I could see what his face looked like.  I don't remember any of the dream after that.  I thought that was an interesting dream though because I'm certainly so excited to meet and see our little guy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Packing a Simple Vegan Lunch

Hey there!

How's your week going?  It's crazy rainy here in Central New York right now.  It started thunder storming last night around dinner time and basically hasn't stopped raining since.  I know the plants are probably quite happy about it, but my dogs are not so pleased.  Jax basically looked at me like I was crazy when I told him to go out this morning.  "Seriously, Mom, you think I want to go out in that?  Why don't you go out in that?"  Yeah I don't take his attitude personally.

Lately I've been making a point to pack better lunches for work.  Especially at 33 weeks pregnant, I truly cannot skimp on lunch.  I need a nutritious meal that will get me through the day otherwise making it to 5PM just won't happen.  And if I don't pack a proper lunch, then I've got to venture around downtown trying to find something to eat, but I really don't want to be spending the extra money.  My husband and I do a solid grocery shop every weekend so there really is no excuse not to bring a great lunch.

I work in an office downtown so if I wanted to spend the money everyday I could just go out to lunch.  But really that gets old quick, and especially since I stick to a mainly vegan diet, my restaurant options are a bit more limited.  I'd say 50% of the time I bring leftovers from dinner the night before for lunch, so if there aren't leftovers, I need to pack lunch in the morning before I leave for work.

Here's what I've had for lunches so far this week:

Monday - Salad with leftover Apple Cider Vinegar Tofu with balsamic dressing, nectarine, and homemade Glo Bar from the Oh She Glows Cookbook (highly recommend this book!)

Tuesday - Salad with soy chicken with vegan caesar dressing and tomatoes, kettle potato chips, Glo Bar

Here's the lunch I packed for myself this morning.  I won't eat it all in one sitting, probably over the course of a few hours while I work.  

 -Whole wheat bread (I have Tofutti in the fridge at work which I plan to slather on this as toast)

- Salad with strawberries and cashews with a balsamic dressing

 -Large bowl of watermelon

-Glo Bar (these bars are SO GOOD!  Oats, brown rice krispies, almond butter, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds)

Packing a healthy vegan lunch is really easy.  It may take some thought in making sure you buy the right ingredients at the beginning of the workweek, but it definitely pays off come lunch time!

What's your go-to simple lunch?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 33 Weeks

Hi there!

 The excitement has set in.  I've been excited for our baby boy this whole time, but a huge portion of pregnancy is filled with preparation and anticipation, and it feels like our baby is coming sometime in the distant future.  It's like something clicked over the weekend though and I suddenly felt that much closer to meeting our baby boy.  Maybe it's because I feel like we've got the house in order, his room almost entirely setup, and over the weekend we cleaned out my husband's car, so it's car seat ready.  Or maybe it's because he kicked me in the ribs numerous times over the weekend and I already feel so close to him, like I know him.

Weight Gain:  23 pounds at my doctor's appointment this morning!  That's 3 pounds gained in 2 weeks.  Baby boy is most certainly growing.

Body:  I'm feeling the extra weight.  Really I'm feeling large.  Like an elephant stomping around.  I know that's an extreme exaggeration, but I am just feeling big.  Not in a bad way by any means, I'm happy about it because I know our baby boy is growing, I just don't feel light on my feet.  Getting dressed for work is becoming a challenge, but I'm lucky that in the summer the law office goes business casual because that definitely makes getting dressed easier.  I'm just slightly more uncomfortable than I used to be.  I can't stand for too long either I've noticed.   

Cravings:  Just eating round the clock.  I've gotten into this new habit of being super hungry for my lunch at 10:30AM.  I really need to make a point to pack two solid lunches because apparently one isn't cutting it.  Salads have been more appealing lately, especially cold grain/bean salads.  I've been doing more chocolate almond shakes in the morning.  They are a great way to get greens at breakfast without actually having to eat a bowl of spinach.   My appetite is still sort of off though.  Food doesn't always sound all that fantastic even though I'm hungry for it.

Sleep:  No major complaints.  I'm sleeping.  Maybe not always soundly and I definitely get up in the night, but I still tend to get 6 solid hours most nights, so I think that's pretty good.  That being said, I'm not feeling all that well rested.  Sometimes getting through the workday is tough.

Best Moments:  We decorated our baby boy's room!  It was totally spur of the moment and it took certainly past my bedtime, but it was such a nice time together and just pure happiness getting it ready.  Our goal for the room was for it to be fun and colorful for him, and we definitely accomplished that.  Do you know that Amazon sells about a million ridiculously cute wall decals?  It is so hard to choose which ones to buy because they all rock.  We still have the alphabet, hot air balloons and planes, and the sun and clouds coming.  So there is more decorating fun to come.  I feel like I could just put wall decals on every inch of our house, but we'll just keep it to our baby boy's room (for now - ha!).  

Here is a glimpse of his room so far...

And above the diaper changing area...

The room was just meant for a little boy.  

Our pups had their yearly vet appointment last Thursday.  They are both doing well.  Everybody at the vet just loves Lincoln (yellow lab) because he's so happy to be there.  Jax, on the other hand, is a big baby and wouldn't even look the vet in the eyes.  He was hiding by his daddy.  Very nice to get their appointment out of the way before our baby boy arrives.

It truly was another gorgeous weekend.  Mother Nature is being so kind.  My mother-in-law came to visit which was wonderful.  We drove around town to show her where the hospital I'll be delivering at is, lunched at Chipotle,  then frozen yogurt dessert a few shops down, and then went shopping for a glider!  It's such an amazing gift.  My husband and I watched Finding Nemo on Saturday night and it took us the length of the movie to put the chair together, but look how nice it is.  Teamwork all the way.  It looks just right in the nursery.

My husband and I have been working hard on the house every weekend.  Cleaning and organizing all in preparation for our baby boy.  This weekend we spent hours cleaning out the garage.  Now we've only lived in the house 15 months, but there were boxes that we have taken with us every time we've moved that haven't been opened in years.  Dishes, books, movies, school papers from college.  It felt so good to go through IT ALL and clean out what we no longer wanted.  Our garage is now fresh and clean.  

Green rice is THE BEST!

 And I came across a Moosewood cookbook that has one of our favorite meals - Scrambled tofu with greens with a chipotle raspberry sauce over green rice.  Talk about serious greens.  We used the chard my husband has been growing in the indoor garden - 6 cups worth!  Hurray for leftovers.  The tofu portion is packed with chard and you make the green rice by sauteing spinach and scallions, blending it up, and then mixing it in with the brown rice.  It's heaven.  I never want to eat rice any other way.

My husband caught a picture of me shoveling it in...

This week we are interviewing two potential babysitters.  Really that's the last thing I'd like to accomplish before baby boy comes.  It would be so nice to have our sitter lined up for fall when I plan to go back to work.  Ok, maybe there are a few other things like keeping the house immaculately clean and having a perfectly stocked fridge at all times...kidding!  I swear I need to teach my dogs to vacuum while I'm at work too.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pregnancy Thoughts

 Hey hey hey!

How's your summer going?  Is it really already nearing the end of June?  Holy cow.  

I was reading my posts from last June because it's really fun to reflect, and my how life has changed.  Last June consisted of a lot of running as I was in the midst of marathon training and a lot of Starbucks to keep me going through the workday.  This June has consisted of a lot of eating (providing for growing baby) and a lot of getting life organized.  By that I mean preparing ourselves as much as we can for baby boy who is due mid August.  I realize my blog has very much solely focused on pregnancy for the last six months.  I'll return with runs, lattes, and vegan eats eventually, but pregnancy is my biggest focus right now, so it just makes sense.

Last night we had our Baby Care class.  Between the birthing classes, breastfeeding class, and last night's class, I feel like I have gained a wealth of information.  Of course nothing will be like what I will learn when our baby boy is actually here in our arms, but I'm really glad to have taken the classes.  I officially learned how to swaddle our baby last night, take his temperature, how to give me a sponge bath, and a lot of other things over the two hours.  Even though some of the stuff seemed like common sense and some of it was a review from what we had learned in our birthing class, I'm all for hearing it again.  Only sinks deeper into my memory that way.

At 32 weeks, I've got items listed in my mind that I want to accomplish in the next month.  Ideally all these things will be done in the next month so that the final weeks are just about relaxing and waiting for our baby boy's arrival.  

I want to: 

*Get the nursery entirely setup as serious organization is in order right now.

*Put the wall decorations up.  My husband and I have cute plans for that!

*Put the carseat in my husband's car.

*Clean the house.  OK, this is really more a weekly thing, but I really think it would be nice to come home from the hospital with our baby boy to a really clean house.  Having two wonderfully furry dogs calls for constant vacuuming.

*Stock up the freezer a bit.

*Pack our hospital bag.

Here's what I plan to pack in our hospital bag soon.  Please let me know if I've missed anything that you think is important!

*Wallet - money, credit card, insurance information

*Robe/flip flops and hangout clothes (tank top, tee-shirt, capris, sweatshirt)

*Toiletries for shower and also toothbrush/toothpaste, brush, hair ties, deodorant

*Extra contacts/glasses

*Snacks including granola bars, trail mix, wheat bread, peanut butter, candies, Gatorade

*cell phone and charger

*iPad and charger, music, magazines, cards

*Going home outfit for baby (2) and receiving blanket

*Going home outfit for me

*Clothes for my husband

Can you tell I have baby on the brain?  I hope your summer is going fantastically! 

What are you up to this summer?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 32 Weeks


Here's another week of updates!

Weight GainedAround 20ish pounds.  Going to the doctor next week.

I didn't realize how much I'd popped until I saw this picture

Body:  Although I still have been feeling pretty great, my energy level has definitely not been as high as it was in the second trimester.  The workweek certainly tires me out.  I also had some nausea a few mornings at work.  Eating all the time seems to help with that.  Friday morning I had another feeling faint experience.  I was getting ready for work and it just washed over me.  I quickly laid down on my bed on my left side for no more than a few minutes and I felt better.  I then drank a little juice.  So bizarre.  I had eaten a solid breakfast (of oatmeal banana pancakes) an hour earlier.  Luckily I felt better quite quickly after the juice, but I definitely felt a bit wiped out.   

 Cravings:  Must eat all the time!  Nothing in particular that I'm really craving.  Although, Thursday night for dinner my husband and I had PB&J sandwiches on wheat bread before our last birthing class and it tasted really good.  I guess sometimes a simple meal is best.  Smoothies aren't as appealing as they were, but I did make a few last week.  I had a veggie burger with fries one day that hit the spot.  Over the weekend I made tomato soup from the Oh She Glows Cookbook.  I love that the recipe includes cashews.  It's super simple, nutritious, and delicious!  

I also enjoyed a bowl of So Delicious cookies n' cream ice cream with berries on top over the weekend (among other desserts).  YUM!

There's no just breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking anymore.  It's breakfast, second breakfast, snack, snack, lunch, snack, snack, snack, dinner, dessert, maybe another snack.  I really try to stick to healthy foods for the most part. 

Sleep:  I'm sleeping, but tossing and turning from side to side all night long.  I fall asleep quick at night though.  I don't often make it through the night without getting up to use the bathroom anymore.

Best Moments:  Our baby boy tends to be very active at night time.  Sometimes especially when I'm climbing into bed for the night.  My husband was feeling our baby boy's kicks on Sunday night and I fell asleep, but he told me the next morning that while I was sleeping the baby was still kicking lots.  I think it was really sweet that our baby boy was kicking for his daddy when I was fast asleep.  It was Father's Day and the two boys got to spend some time together!

Last week I had my breastfeeding class on Tuesday and my husband and I went to our last birthing class Thursday evening.  Took in a lot of helpful information and it felt like an accomplishment getting those classes done with.  I really want to exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months (or until we introduce food).  I hope that it's easy (of course!), but if it's a struggle at first, I'm willing to put in the work. 

It was another great weekend filled with relaxation and sunshine.  Also, I cleaned the inside of the house while my husband made the garage sparkle.  A crazy clean garage is a beautiful thing (especially after your dog gets into a bag of mulch and makes a big mess).  We test drove a Subaru Outback on Saturday since we are thinking of buying one this fall/winter because we don't currently have a car that we can travel with both baby and dogs safely in.  We ordered the bassinet online and wall owl decorations for the nursery.  They are going to look so cute.  I can officially say there is nothing else my husband and I plan on buying before baby boy arrives!  Now I just need to organize.

Diaper changing area is all setup at least!

 On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day with my parents.  They came to town and we had a picnic out on our deck - burgers, sweet potatoes, pasta salad, beans, fruit, and strawberry shortcake dessert.  After lunch my husband and I were off to the hospital where I'll be delivering because we had signed up for a tour of labor and delivery.  It was a very nice thing to do and just further eased our minds about the whole process.  

Beautiful flowers planted by hubby!

Goals:  Rest and enjoy my growing belly.  I'm wondering how much bigger I'm going to get.  Putting on socks is officially a serious challenge.  I want baby boy to grow as big and strong as he needs to though, so bring it on!