Thursday, February 19, 2015

Breastfeeding - Six Months In

Hi there!

This is a post I've been wanting to write.  As a new mama I found these types of posts very informative.  I had no set plans for breastfeeding when Sage was born, just that I knew I wanted to, but I had no idea how it would go, how it would work with going back to work, and all the other details involved so I just went with the flow, and for me that has been working fantastically.  It's a different journey for every mama, so keep in mind this is just my experience.  

In the hospital - We were in the hospital after Sage was born for close to three days.  He took to breastfeeding effortlessly.  I had no idea what I was doing, but he seemed to know what to do right from the beginning.  I worked with a lactation consultant at the hospital who showed me how to hold Sage and I was told to nurse him every two hours while there. 

Sage spit up from the beginning and it became apparent that something was up as soon as we got home from the hospital.  I would nurse Sage and he would spit up A LOT.  Within 24 hours of being home, we were rushed back to the hospital because we did not know if something was seriously wrong.  It turned out (after hours of testing, time in the ER, and x-rays on our 3 day old baby boy) that he just had severe reflux.  Scary as a first time mama, but actually quite common I learned.  This changed everything on how I needed to nurse Sage...

Month One - Because of Sage's reflux, for the first two weeks I was told I needed to feed Sage every two hours (because he could not eat a lot at one time) and then I had to hold him up on my chest for 30 minutes after each nursing session so the milk could gently settle in his stomach.  When I say I spent the first month on the couch essentially just nursing Sage around the clock, I'm not exaggerating.  We nursed, cuddled, he slept, and then we did it all again.  I hardly slept and I don't even remember that time very clearly anymore.  It was a quite a blur.

Month Two to Four - Sage's reflux improved greatly.  I continued to nurse him in a football hold where he was sitting up as much as possible.  During this time I stopped needing to hold Sage up for 30 minutes after each feeding.  He tended to fall asleep in my lap though after each nursing session, so again, we spent a lot of time on the couch together all day long.  I cherished the days home on maternity leave and I honestly loved those quiet moments with him.  As we approached month four though, I started working with Sage on him napping in his crib (opposed to him just falling asleep on my lap after nursing).  I should also mention that Sage refused the bottle until he was about 4 months old, so I nursed exclusively until that point.

 Month Five - I went back to work when Sage was 4.5 months old.  This was the first month that Sage drank more from a bottle (breast milk still) than he nursed.  The transition was quite smooth which was a huge relief as I was back at the office full-time.

Month Six & Now - I pump more than I nurse at this point.  I've developed a true pumping schedule and I tend to even keep with it on the weekends and just nurse when Sage wakes up in the morning and before he goes to bed at night (and during the night on demand).  During the workweek he takes bottles of breast milk from the sitter and on the weekend days he takes bottles from my husband and I.  At 5.5 months we started giving Sage rice cereal as well which we mix with breast milk.  He eats rice cereal (and trying different fruits and veggies) at lunch and we give him oatmeal at dinner time.  

Pumping at work - I pump at 10:45AM and 1:45PM at work (or within 30 minutes of these times).  I've been doing this for close to 8 weeks now and it's a good schedule.  It takes me 15-25 minutes at each pumping session and I pump between 10-15 oz. at work.

Pumping at home - I pump in the early morning before I go to work around 7AM, between 5-10 oz. depending on if I've nursed Sage prior and how much I've nursed during the night.  On the weekends, I follow my work pumping schedule.  I also pump right after Sage goes to sleep around 7:15PM, generally 3-6 oz.  

Overall, at this point I pump 4 times a day and nurse 2 times (plus the middle of the night feedings which we are working on cutting back on).  Last night was just once, but sometimes it's 2 or 3 times.  My baby boy keeps me guessing with this new teething business.  

That pretty much sums up my breastfeeding experience so far.  I'm not sure how much longer I plan to.  I guess if I have a goal I'd say a year, but I'm going with the flow.  I know it will continue to change as Sage eats more solids.  

I've been incredibly happy with my experience and I feel lucky that I've had such a good one. 

Any questions?  Feel free to ask!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Confessions of a New Mama (Two)

Hi there!

I had fun with my last confessions post, so I'm here for another.  Again, lack of sleep is totally to blame for most of these, however, Sage only got up once at 12:30AM last night.  It's 6AM now and I hear him babbling to himself in his crib. Best alarm clock sound ever!

And here I go with some confessions...

Confession #1 - I now wear makeup under my eyes.  I didn't used to, but I'm determined to not look as tired as I feel.  It's all part of convincing myself I'm not that tired

Confession #2 - The other day I got to work and couldn't remember if I had let my dog back in the house before leaving.  My husband couldn't remember either.  Normally I tell Jax goodbye and what a good dog he is (and that I haven't forgotten about him even though I'm very busy with baby Sage) as he lays in our bed, but that morning I was rushing and just left.  Thank goodness my neighbor was home and she rang our doorbell to make sure Jax was inside  He responded promptly by running to the door very excited.  I can share this now only because he was safe at home.  

Confession #3 - I haven't colored my hair in 15 months.  I decided not to color it during pregnancy and then I had no time in the early weeks with baby boy, and now I have no desire.  I'm kind of digging the natural look and wow is it much less maintenance!

Confession #4 - I eat chocolate or some dessert everyday.  That tub of ice cream pictured above is all mine.  No guilt.  All happy goodness.  I thank breastfeeding for my massive appetite.  A chocolate dessert is a wonderful pick-me-up at 3PM.  That and a steaming hot soy decaf latte. 

Confession #5 - I've never seen myself act so goofy as when I'm playing with Sage.  I sing songs that make no sense and make funny noises and faces just to see his smile and hear him laugh.  

Confession #6 - I'm so proud of everything Sage does.  If he eats carrots, I applaud.  If he rolls over, I praise him.  The other day he pooped after not going for 24 hours and my husband and I were so happy.  He got cheers.  I'm sure many parents can relate to feeling this way.  So proud of our babies!

Confession #7 - I don't worry about putting Sage in matching clothes.  The thing is that he looks cute no matter what he's wearing.  A perfectly matching outfit is not priority, but hey he's clean and dressed! I'll make more of an effort when he goes to kindergarten, I swear, but for now I'm not sweating it.  

Hope you enjoyed a few of my latest confessions.  

Can you relate to any of these?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sage: Month Six Baby Update

Hi there!

Sage turned six months old yesterday.  Half a year?!  That's just crazy to me.  What a ball of fun he is.  I'm loving this age.

Likes:  Sage has many of the same likes as last month.  He loves to play on his mat and roll around.  He loves chewing on all his toys.  Having his parents attention is always a blast.  He laughs with his parents and gets a kick out of being tickled.  Sage still loves grabbing blankets.  He discovered the dogs much more this month and thinks they are hilarious!  They have become huge entertainment pieces in our home.  He will sit in his rolling chair just staring at them smiling and giggling with excitement.  Thank you Jax and Lincoln for entertaining Sage so wonderfully!

Dislikes:  Being hungry and/or tired.  Pretty consistent in this category.

Eating:  This is the first month that Sage now eats more from a bottle than he nurses.  He is at the sitter all during the workweek and he takes 3-4 bottles a day there (3-5 oz. from each bottle).  I nurse him when he wakes up in the morning and before he goes to bed (and during the night on demand).  We also started giving Sage rice cereal most days.  At first he wasn't so sure about the rice cereal, but it has grown on him.  He is fascinated by the spoon that the rice cereal is on!

Sage has also tried oatmeal, oatmeal with bananas, peas, sweet potatoes and carrots this month.  The sweet potatoes and carrots were a hit.  Sage gets rice cereal at lunchtime most days and we started giving him oatmeal often before bed.  Still tiny portions as a lot doesn't make it in his mouth.

Playing:  Playing has involved a lot of rolling this month.  Baby boy is rolling this way and that.  He is certainly on the move this month.  He rolls across the family room floor and is also getting better at moving himself in his rolling chair.  He loves chewing on his Sophie Giraffe and Honest teethers, and manipulates toys really well.  He knows how to get them into his mouth just right.  Sage now spends a good amount of time in his rolling chair and jumper seat as he loves to sit and watch his parents and the dogs move around the house.  The jumper seat is perfect for chewing on toys as well.

Sleeping:  We have a set bedtime routine and Sage knows the drill.  At 6:30pm its bath time each night.  Sage is enjoying the bath more now and started playing with toys, although, chewing on a wet washcloth is still the best.  After bath, we cuddle him in a towel and dry him off, and put on a fresh diaper for the night.  Daddy sets up the white noise on the iPad and gets the humidifier fresh water.  Mama takes Sage to the rocker and nurses him for around 30 minutes.  When Sage is full and sleepy, mama transfers Sage to the crib and Sage generally quickly drifts off to sleep around 7:15ish.   

Sage still gets up to feed in the night.  For a short lived period it was just once in the night between 11pm and 1am.  Also, Sage sometimes will get up at 5am to feed, but then go back to sleep for another hour or two.  However, most recently with the appearance of his first tooth, he has been up more frequently in the night (like three times...yikes).   

Sage takes fantastic naps at the sitter.  He takes a morning and afternoon nap that is generally 1-2.5 hours in length in the pack n' play.  On the other hand, Sage does not nap as well for his parents on the weekend and tends to take much shorter ones for us.  We joke that he just loves hanging out with us so much.

New this month:  Sage just started rolling over onto his tummy in his crib at night.  He did this for the first time two nights ago and took us by surprise!  

Trying more solid foods.

Rolling, rolling, rolling...on the floor, on the changing table (we have to be super careful!), in his crib... He moves from back to front easily now and he looks up on his tummy so proud of himself.

Fascinated by our dogs (and any dogs for that matter).  They are so funny to Sage.

Sage is ticklish!  It's so fun tickling him under his armpits and watching him giggle.

Talking lots and sings sometimes.  Love his little voice.

Will take a bottle from mama.

Also, will hold the bottle feeding himself for short periods of time on his own.

Sage found his feet!

Key Dates:

Jan 18 - Weighed at doctor:  15 pounds 13 oz

Jan 20 - First ear infection 

Jan 24 - Tried peas (first veggie!) and not all that impressed

Jan 24 - Slept 7pm to 8am with 11pm & 5am feeding (longest sleep overall)

Jan 28 - Tooth coming through in the bottom middle of his mouth.  There were a few nights that he woke up screaming and we think this explains it.

Jan 30 - liked sweet potatoes 

Sage is such a happy boy.  Watching him grow and learn is absolutely amazing.  I cannot believe how quickly six months have gone by.  Happy half birthday my sweet boy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Family Time, Recent Eats & (lack of) Sleep Talk


I thought I'd pop in for some life chitchat.  My weekend consisted of spending time with my husband and baby boy, eating good food, and relaxing (while trying to get the house in order because there is absolutely no time during the workweek, but it really looks no different aside from a little less dog fur because I vacuumed a little).

In other news, Sage turns SIX MONTHS OLD tomorrow!  I blinked and six months went by.  Just last night he flipped over onto his tummy to go to sleep for the very first time.  My husband and I just stared at the monitor laughing as he stuck his butt in the air as he went to sleep.  So adorable.  

I also should mention that Sage is not sleeping through the night.  My lack of sleep is a big reason why I'm rather absent here.  Any chance for sleep I get, I take it.  We were down to one wake up each night for feeding, and then it went back up to two, and then three, and then back to two...basically we're all over the place.  Baby boy keeps me guessing.  Maybe it's a six month growth spurt?  I know this time will pass.  As crazy as it sounds, I try to soak up the moments I have with Sage in the wee hours.  I know he's going through big transitions right now - just started rolling lots and eating solids - so he's got a lot going on.  

Ideally I'd like to get down to one feeding.  I'd be a much more functioning individual I'm sure.  I truly worried how I would get through the workday when I was returning to work six weeks ago, but somehow you just plug along.  Yup, I got probably a 2 hour, 2.5 hour, and hour stretch of sleep last night.  The body adjusts.  I'm not saying it's easy...I'm just saying it's doable.  And it's 100% worth it.  Sage has his six month checkup next week and I plan on talking to the doctor about his nighttime feeding.  Because baby boy likes to eat in the night.  We make sure he gets plenty during the day, but he still wakes up...

Any suggestions?

And now, onto the food!

I was loaded up with Starbucks gift cards as birthday gifts and boy do I take advantage on my lunch hour most days.  There may not be caffeine in there, but the brisk walk to Starbucks sure wakes me up.

This breakfast (sprouted wheat toast + vegenaise + avocado + tomato) never gets old. 

I made banana bread with chocolate chips (of course!) over the weekend.  I love The Big Bang Theory and therefore love Mayim and am enjoying diving into her book.  So far I've also made her PB Shake and Penne Bake which were both scrumptious.

Last, but not least, I made tostadas over the weekend.  Ok, they turned into quesadillas because we put a top layer tortilla on top.  I roasted zucchini and a poblano to go with the mashed black bean insides.  They were topped with an avocado salsa.  Wowzers!  These are being added to the menu weekly.

That just about sums things up!

Parents:  When did you cut out the middle of the night feedings and how?

What's the best thing you ate lately?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

What I Eat as a Plant-Based Eater, Full-Time Working, Nursing Mama

Hey hey hey!

I titled this post with all those descriptions because all of them greatly influence my eats.  I stick to whole foods and I don't eat meat or dairy generally (except for the occasional slip up with dairy).  I work full-time so it requires some planning ahead to make sure I have the proper foods (and enough food!) for when I'm at work.  Lastly, I'm still nursing (pumping while at work) for my 5 1/2 month old baby boy, so that makes me a hungry beast.  

I'm sharing typical workdays as weekend food varies more.  Also, I do not count calories.  I believe in the quality of the food (organic as much as possible) and eat when I'm hungry, even if that means every two hours.  That all being said, here's what I eat...or ate ;)

I have a shake everyday.  Well, every workday.  On the weekend when I have more time, I tend to have pancakes bright and early, and then sometimes a shake mid morning. 

My favorite shake lately is a Peanut Butter Shake (that I share half with my husband):  2 cups vanilla almond milk + banana + 2 tbsp. PB + 2 scoops of Vegan Smart Protein Powder (vanilla flavored) + ice (sometimes I add 2 tbsp. of chia seeds)

Shakes are perfect because (1) there are so many different ingredient combinations and (2) the blender does all the work.  I do a combination of either vanilla soy or almond milk, always a banana and nut butter (PB, almond, or cashew), sometimes protein powder, and other add-ins include:  cocoa powder, chia seeds, ground flax, shredded coconut, frozen fruit, spinach, kale, etc.

And these are the killer Flax, Chia & Oatmeal Pancakes from last weekend.  I make all sorts of pancake recipes from banana pancakes to whole wheat chocolate chip, but these are a new favorite (recipe here!).


I try to get greens in my lunch everyday.  This salad was from the Vegan Cafe by my work and it had kale, roasted beets, roasted sweet potatoes, green apple, and an agave mustard dressing.  I enjoyed it, but I could do without the beets.  

On this day I also had a whole wheat pita with garlic hummus about an hour earlier.

Another lunch making a big appearance this week is a salad made up of chard, spinach, kale and carrots with a miso ginger dressing and, again, a large dollop of garlic hummus with whole wheat pita bread.  It is just so simple and tasty.

And a third lunch from this week was a whole wheat pita stuffed with lots of avocado and tomato.  For me, sometimes the more basic the lunch, the better.  

And don't forget about dessert!  I never do.  Chocolate mint milkshake to get me through the afternoon.  In the dead of winter, I brave the cold for a vegan milkshake.  Totally worth it.


My sister-in-law made a Curry Squash and Tofu dish for my birthday celebration last weekend and then left me with all the leftovers.  Hurray!  It's a glorious curry sauce made with lots of coconut milk and spices.  I dump a heaping pile of the squash, tofu and sauce over basmati rice.  
Other recent dinners include veggie chili, tempeh BLTs, cheddary broccoli soup, romaine salad with avocado and faux chicken strips, earth balance mac & cheese with kale, garlic tofu with mixed veggies (takeout), Chipotle...


I first tried these Fig Bars in my Vegan Cuts Box I order each month, but then I discovered them at my grocery store, Wegmans, and I'm hooked!  I have them every morning when I get to work.  I also like the plain fig bar flavor and my husband likes the blueberry.  They pair perfectly with a soy decaf latte that I get on the way to work when I have an extra few minutes.

I also eat several snacks during the day depending what I have on hand - nuts, chips, Larabar, Kind Bar, decaf soy latte (if I walk to Starbucks on lunch), oatmeal, granola... And I drink decaf tea all day long to keep warm and because I don't love just drinking plain water.

Sometimes a few hours after dinner I am hungry again so I have a banana with nut butter or a bowl of cereal.

Life is just better with delicious & nutritious food.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Confessions of a New Mama

Hi there!

I thought I'd share some moments from my life recently.  I'm sure other mamas can relate, but even if you aren't a parent, you may just find them interesting (or comical).  I chalk a bunch of it up to fatigue.  Sage is 5 1/2 months old and I'm not sure when I'll stop considering myself a new mom.  Maybe when he says, "hi mom!".  In some ways I feel like a seasoned veteran at this point, but in other aspects I'm learning everyday.  I suppose that's what parenthood will continually feel like.  Anyways, here are a few of my confessions as a mama...

Confession #1 - I was pumping the other night before bed and I forgot to attach a bottle.  As in I was pumping and milk was dropping on the floor.  I'm not even exaggerating when I say it took me close to a minute to realize what the dripping sound was.  Yeah, I blame fatigue on that one for sure.

Confession #2 - On that sleep deprived note, I forgot to bring bottle tops to work the other day so that I could store the milk after I pumped it.  I had the bottles, but no tops.  Thank you zip-lock bags and rubber bands. 

Confession #3 - Often I look at the monitor sporadically in the night.  Baby boy has me scheduled to wake up when he does.  I will look at the monitor and literally Sage will start stirring.  Our internal clock is the same.

Confession #4 - On that note of middle of the night feedings, I have no idea what sleeping for longer than 5 hours at a time feels like anymore.  Honestly if I get a 4 hour stretch of sleep I feel "well rested".  It's funny because I complained during pregnancy when I only got 5 or 6 hours (and not 8 or 9 hours), but now 5 hours is AMAZING and I feel like Super Woman.  Sage was doing much better with just one feeding and then he got a cold and the number of nighttime feedings went up.  I think I need to cut them out, or at least only feed him once in the night.  He has his 6 month appointment in another few weeks and I plan on chatting with his doctor about this.

Confession #5 - Dinners are super simple/whatever we can find in the fridge recently.  I've been trying to cook meals with lots of leftovers on Sunday, but we can only eat the soup, chili, pasta bake...a few nights in a row until we are sick of it.  As a full-time working mama, getting dinner on the table is tough.  I love to cook, and my husband is a great cook as well, but there just isn't enough time in the day.  Chipotle and Chinese takeout are making a weekly appearance.

Confession #6 - I consider just making it out the door in the morning and to work on time a major success.  I'm sure my hubby agrees.  I feel like I have a million balls in the air each morning and I have to catch them all before I actually get on the road, so I count this as a small victory.  Sage's diaper bag packed, enough bottles for the day packed for him, pumping supplies packed for work, lunch packed, purse packed, dogs fed, laundry started...

Confession #7 - I absolutely LOVE being a mom.  Even with the craziness of it all, it's the best thing ever.  I wouldn't change it for anything.  Even when Sage wakes up at 5AM (after going back down at 3AM), it's worth it all (and more!).  Sage is such a happy baby and he makes us laugh constantly.  My house may always need a vacuuming, there is always laundry, and the dogs are begging for attention, catch my point, but being a mama is the best.  

Can you relate to any of my confessions?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My (New) Favorite Pancakes: Simple Banana Flax Pancakes

Hey hey hey!

Recipe sharing time and it is a really good one.  I'm a pancake enthusiast.  I had ripe bananas that needed be used over the weekend and boy did I put them to good use.  Twice!  I've posted a bunch of pancakes over the last few years and these are truly my new favorite.  They are husband-approved as well.  

They taste like dessert, but full of healthy goodness.  My pictures don't do them justice.  It was the wee early hours of the morning.  Sage does not believe in sleeping in on the weekends and therefore neither do I, but I do believe in lots of pancakes!

Aren't they pretty?  Yes, pancakes can be pretty.

I knew they were going to taste great just by the look of the batter.

The recipe makes four medium pancakes which fed both my hubby and I as they are pretty filling.  They were my early breakfast.  I had a shake a few hours later.


1 ripe banana
1 cup vanilla soy milk (or whatever kind you fancy)
2 tbsp. ground flax
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt 
1/4 cup chocolate chips (if using)

1. In a bowl mash the banana with the milk and ground flax.  Then add the rest of the ingredient to the bowl and stir until mixed.

2.  Heat pan over medium heat and grease (I used a tsp. of coconut oil).

3. Once the pan is heated, pour the batter (I make two pancakes at a time on my pan).  Let batter sit for three minutes or until bubbling and flip.  Cook for another three minutes or until golden.

4.  Enjoy!  

They tasted like banana bread, and with melted earth balance and maple syrup on top, oh delish!

Other recent pancake recipes:

What's your favorite kind of pancake? 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sick Day + Birthday Weekend

Hi there!

Baby Sage has an ear infection.  Poor guy!  I really wasn't feeling well last Friday and I almost took a sick day, but I'm glad I didn't because I needed (and wanted!) to take one today to be with my boy.  He fell asleep as I was picking up his prescription, so I wrote this post while sitting in the coffee shop of the grocery store letting him sleep in his carseat.

On a happier note, I had a wonderful 28th birthday over the weekend. Because I was under the weather, we canceled the festivities and had a low-key day, just the three of us, and that was just what I needed.  And of course there was lots of delicious vegan eats.

On my birthday I got a roasted veggie melt with the best marinated tofu I've ever had. And that cupcake...heaven.  All from my favorite vegan cafe.  I also cooked and baked up a storm over the long weekend: banana flax pancakes (recipe coming soon!), jerk sloppy joe (made with seitan), cheddary broccoli soup (used white miso for the first time), PB cupcakes, and a penne bake (with a macadamia nut ricotta and a cashew cream).  Yeah, my refrigerator is full of vegan yums.  Also, there was a few trips to Starbucks.  Sage takes beautifully long naps in the car so my husband and I took the opportunity (or two) to go to the Starbucks drive-thru and then take the scenic route home so Sage could sleep.

Praying for a quick recovery for Sage.  I have to say though, he is so happy for not feeling well.  Totally impressive.

Parents:  Did your little one ever get an ear infection?

Try any new recipes lately?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sage: Month Five Baby Update

Hi there!

Happy five months old to baby Sage!

So much development took place this month.  The most yet.  I know I'll continue to say that, but he really is so different from the baby I spent my maternity leave with.  He's on the go, so alert, and double his size.  He's in six month and nine month clothes.  I keep cleaning out the drawers of what no longer fits.  Growing boy.  Sage has a happy disposition and he's a blast to be around.  Such a little dude!

Likes:  Sage has put everything in his mouth this month.  His hands, toys, blankets...all straight to the mouth.  We think it's definitely the beginning of teething.  He loves his new dog toy he got for Christmas and still spends lots of time on his activity mat.  Having his parents attention makes him the happiest and he laughs and talks with us lots. 

Dislikes:  Being overtired and/or hungry.  These are pretty much his two big dislikes.  He also does not like when we try to dress him in a onesie after bath time because he is overtired and ready for bed.

Playing:  All.the.time!  Sage loves to play.  He likes to keep busy.  He goes from his activity mat where he reaches for toys, to his green recliner chair where he swats at toys, to his sitting rolling chair where he chews on toys, to his mobile where he looks at his toys... We try to switch it up for him.  Sage also adores just playing with mommy and daddy.  He likes when we help him stand so he can look around at everything.  He laughs and smiles when we act goofy and give him lots of kisses.

Sleeping:  Sleeping started out quite rough at the beginning of the month.  There were nights when Sage was up every 1-3 hours.  Mama was a zombie.  He just didn't know how to put himself back to sleep when he woke up.  He wasn't hungry or needing a diaper change, so we knew he needed help self soothing, and we've been working on that since mid December.  And there's been great improvement! 

Sage generally goes to bed around 7:30PM and wakes up between 6:30AM and 7:30AM.  Several times he woke up within an hour or two of going to bed, I'd nurse him, and then he would sleep and get up again between 2 and 4AM, eat, and go back to sleep until morning.  Sage does still wake up in the night to eat, but I try not to go in each time because very often within five minutes he puts himself back to sleep.  I am working on just giving him one feeding a night and hoping to eliminate that within the next month or so.  We'll see! 

Most recently Sage has been waking up around midnight and 4AM for a feeding.  

Eating:  While I was home on maternity leave Sage was nursing about every two hours.  At the end of December, I went back to work.  Daddy practiced giving Sage a bottle for the few days before I went back (because he was still on vacation for an extra week as a teacher) and thankfully Sage took the bottle.  He was taking a bottle of 5 oz. every 2-3 hours.  Sage refused a bottle until this month, so it is such a happy thing that he started taking it.  During the workweek Sage takes 3 to 4 bottles from the sitter.

Also, Sage tried rice cereal a few days ago.  I mixed a tablespoon of rice cereal with 4 tablespoons of breast milk and Sage liked it!

New this month:  Starting pulling mama's hair and boy does he have a strong grip!

Fascinated by patterns on fabric and different textures.

Talking lots more!  We can't wait until we understand what he has to say because he's a chatterbox.  His little voice is the best sound.

Starting playing more in the bathtub with toys, but especially loves chewing on the wet washcloth.

Met lots of family at the holidays and did a great job getting passed around.  He showed of his happy smile.

Playing in his rolling chair because he can support his head so much better.  He looks around and if he catches the TV on, he'll do a 180 to see it, so we turn it off.

Holds things by himself like bottle and toys.

Moves around on the changing table so much.  He uses his feet to propel himself backwards.  

Key Dates:

12/17/14 & 12/19/14 - Drank whole bottle at babysitters for the first time (this is when I was dropping him off at the sitter's for a few hours to start getting him acclimated).

12/26/14 - Rolled front to back for the first time.

12/26/14 - Took bottle from daddy at home...big deal!

1/1/15 - Took a bottle from ME!  We were running errands on New Year's Day and I was sitting in the back with Sage.  I offered him the bottle while his daddy took us through the Starbucks drive-thru and Sage took it!  He took another later that day from me as well in the car.

1/8/15 and 1/11/15 - Tried rice cereal.

1/11/15 - Full roll, back to front!

This month has been a transition with going back to work. I look forward to every moment home with baby Sage and I feel blessed to be his mama.

See you next month!