Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 24 Weeks


Week 24 was very good!  I really just felt great all around emotionally and physically.  However, I woke up this morning with bad sinus pain/scratchy throat, but I'm hoping it's just weather related/allergies.  It definitely turned to stormy weather during the night and that general upsets my sinuses.  I started the day with miso soup and I plan to drink lots of hot water throughout the day.

Body:  My belly is growing!  It's fun watching it grow bigger.  Prior to getting pregnant, I wasn't sure how I'd react to my changing body and I'm so happy that I am at a place in my life where I can truly appreciate it.  I know I'm not as slim as I used to be and I'll continue to get bigger, but I really want to cherish this time because it's already going by so quick.  I can work on getting my body back after our baby comes.  I'm already excited thinking about going on walks with him come late summer/fall.

Jax decided to join this photo

Getting ready for work is definitely getting a bit more challenging.  I just purchased from Old Navy online yesterday 4 tops and a pair of khakis.  I have some dresses that will work for a while longer (I hope) and I have maternity work pants, but wearing my non-maternity work tops just wasn't cutting it anymore.  Most of my normal tops just don't fit correctly. The new tops should get me through to when the baby arrives and they'll be great for after as well.

I wear my sneaks into work and change when I get there
Cravings:  Salads filled with fruit, veggies, nuts and topped with a nice creamy balsamic dressing.  Just typing it makes me hungry.  I'm also loving tofu dishes and noodle stir fries.  Bagels slathered in either peanut butter or Tofutti are my go-to second breakfast every workday.  And apples with peanut butter make a fantastic 3PM snack.  I also think about a vegan milkshake (from my very favorite vegan cafe) daily, but really I need to buy the ingredients for home, so I can make them at my leisure!

Over the weekend, I got the best veggie dog plate ever.  All vegan and crazy delicious.  It's two veggie dogs over baked beans and fries.  I ate like a champ over the weekend:  fried portabella mushrooms with sweet potato fries, tofu/cauliflower curry dish, veggie tray with dill hummus, Easter dinner (salad, asparagus, mashed potatoes, and stuffing for me), and my mom gave me an all vegan Easter basket (my first)!  I brought it with me to work this week so I can snack on goodies throughout the week.

 Sleep:  Pretty great really.  A mom I know mentioned to me that this will probably be the best sleep I'll get for a while once the baby comes, so I'm just going to say that I'm still getting 6-7 hour chunks of solid sleep and I'm happy with that.  I try to be sleeping by 10PM (doesn't always happen of course) and I get up around 6:30AM.  I woke up at 4AM one morning, and was up at 3AM last night, but I was feeling the baby move, so we were up partying together.

Best Moment(s):  As always, feeling our baby boy moving around.  That feeling will never get old.  Every time I feel our baby boy it's just the happiest moment.   I feel like it's his way of saying hello to me right now.  On Friday night and last night, my husband felt a few solid kicks for the first time!

Last Wednesday evening, my husband and I visited a potential babysitter for the future.  We were not happy with the house/environment, but it was a good learning experience.  I really sat there and thought if I could imagine my baby boy being here each day and the answer was a definite no.  Afterwards, we talked it through and had a nice dinner and relaxed with the pups.  On Thursday evening, my husband rented The Sandlot and we had my favorite dinner of sesame tofu, greens, sweet potato, and brown rice.  Relaxing nights after workdays are so nice.

The prettiest meal and so delicious!

I signed up for lots of classes too - birthing classes, baby care, first aid, hospital tour, breastfeeding!  I'm so excited.  Most of the classes are in June.  I like that they aren't too early, but I'll have them done before the last month of pregnancy (if our little boy comes timely).  

Happy homegrown sunflowers by my husband

 I've also been reading The Kind Mama by Alicia Silverstone and what a beautiful book it is!  This book is not just for pregnant women, it's for any woman thinking about becoming pregnant, planning to, possibly needing some advice to prepare the body, and then it goes through all the trimesters of pregnancy, getting your home ready, and the first six months with baby.  I just adore Alicia and her mentality.  

This book is just further inspiration to me when it comes to living a kind life (plant-based diet, green living)!  It's a wonderful book and I highly recommend it.

Walk with my dad, husband, and dogs on Easter

Easter weekend was absolutely wonderful.  My husband and I visited all of our family back in my hometown.  There was egg decorating, hanging outside in the sun, dog walking, great food, and quality time with our family.  It was such a good weekend and I'm so happy we got to see everyone. 

Onto week 25...!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 23 Weeks

Hi there!

The weeks are flying by.   I can't believe I'm already at 23 weeks.  It's starting to become much more of a reality that soon a little baby boy will be entering our lives.  I can't wait to meet him.  I had my doctor's appointment this morning and I heard the baby's heartbeat right away.  Also, while I was waiting for the doctor, I felt the baby moving.  Made me smile so big.  Yay!  We also talked about signing up for labor classes.  I want to call the hospital today to sign up for those to begin in the next month or so.   

Weight13 pounds gained as of my 23 week doctor's appointment!

Body:  My belly is growing at a much faster rate these days.  I'm finding that more of my non-maternity shirts aren't working so well.  I really love watching my belly grow though.  I read that the baby is supposed to double in size this month, so that belly of mine is definitely going to be popping out.   

One not so cool symptom I've been experiencing more this week is heartburn.  I've dealt with indigestion issues throughout the past 23 weeks, but heartburn has really taken off in the last few days.  It really burns!  I've noticed it's much worse at night when I'm trying to get to sleep, but I've even started to notice it during the workday.  It's nothing I can't tolerate, but I figured I'd mention it because it's definitely been present this week.

My allergies popped up on Saturday night.  Probably because spring has arrived and I spent a lot of time outside.  I was sneezing and my eyes are itching.  Since I can't take any medicine, I am just going to ride it out.  A hot shower before bed helps a bit.

cold quinoa salad - delicious!

Cravings:  My appetite and cravings are all over the place.  Sometimes I'm really hungry and other times not so much.  I make a point to eat every few hours to keep my energy up though.  I had two tofu veggie burgers over the weekend topped with kale, pickles, vegenaise, and ketchup, and they were fantastic.  Just what I was craving.

Sleep:  Probably the best week of sleep I've had.  I still toss and turn from side to side trying to get comfortable throughout the night, but I've carried on sleeping.

Thought of the baby as I passed this swing on my walk on Saturday.  What fun!

Best Moment(s):  I'm feeling the baby move much more now!  There's been an increase in his movements - well, that I can now feel - and it's incredible.  It's really the best part.  As I write this post, I feel him dancing around in there.  Such happiness.  The whole feeling him move part of pregnancy is by far my favorite.

Heart around the baby
Goals:  Well, I was going to list cleaning out my car as a goal last week, but decided against it (too much pressure that way).  But my husband and I cleaned my car out completely on Friday.  I got rid of all the junk/clothes (found those black winter boots I had been looking for all winter) and my husband vacuumed up the massive amount of dog fur.  My car is officially baby ready!  What a weight off my shoulders.  Now we need to tackle his car.

Walk more is another goal, but I've been doing really well with this.  I was out there all weekend and even played some basketball with my husband on Saturday night (OK, we're talking a game of Pig here, not one-on-one).  The dogs supervised while we shot hoops and it was really fun.  Definitely something I want to keep up.  It was just so incredible being outdoors!

Jax loved the outdoors this weekend
I'm starting to read the books I have on labor and the first year with baby.  And I can't wait to buy The Kind Mama by Alicia Silverstone that just came out!!! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Pregnancy Eats and Supplements

Hi there!

Don't worry, there was just about nothing left in the container when Jax got it :)

I figured now that I'm over halfway through my pregnancy, it's a perfect time to talk about how I've been eating and using supplements during my journey. Please know this is just what has worked for me so far.  

That would be a vegan chocolate mint milkshake!

When I found out I was pregnant, I had already been eating a vegan diet (with macrobiotic influence) for a year.  I really had embraced a vegan diet back in the fall of 2009, but I hadn't been a strict vegan during  2011 and 2012.  However, 2013 was a fresh year and I completely stuck to a plant-based diet.  Therefore, when I found out I was pregnant at the very end of November 2013, I began my pregnancy journey with a strong vegan base.  And I really think that made a difference because a plant-based diet wasn't new to me.  

I was eating quite clean entering into my pregnancy, so not a lot has changed, but a little bit has.  I was initially very concerned how my doctor was going to react when I told her about my plant-based diet.  To my happy surprise, she was quite pleased.  Her number one concern was my getting enough protein.  This I expected as I've been posed with this concern numerous times (by non-vegans).

My goal was initially to get 60 grams of protein/day, but now I aim for 70 grams/day.  I had no idea how much protein I was taking in prior to getting pregnant.  I never tracked anything all throughout 2013, never counted calories, I just ate what I wanted and when I was hungry.  A vegan/macrobiotic diet truly gave me that beautiful freedom.  But I really wanted to make sure I was getting enough protein/calories now that I was pregnant.  So I downloaded the Lose It app on my phone because you can track your food on this.  I programmed it in that I wanted to maintain my weight and since then I've just been eating 300-700 calories above that maintenance caloric number.  

 Now I am not a big fan of tracking like this in general for myself because I think (for me) it can lead to some obsession with what I'm eating.  I've made big strides in the last 5 years with my body and just wanting to be healthy (rather than skinny), so I truly started tracking just to be sure I was getting enough calories and protein for myself and the baby.

What did I find out?  For one, getting enough protein was easy!  There truly was maybe a handful of days where I had to eat a little something extra to get in a tiny bit more protein.  Otherwise, I just naturally meet my needs on a daily basis.  And getting enough calories, that is certainly not an issue.  I tracked my protein daily for the first 4 months, but I saw that I was meeting my needs each day so lately I haven't been as diligent about tracking.  I eat whole foods - whole grains, nuts, fruits, veggies, beans, tofu, etc. - and I take supplements.

The supplements I take are a Vegan Prenatal, Vegan Omega-3 DHA-EPA, and Folic Acid.  I showed my doctor my prenatal at my first appointment and she recommended I add some additional Folic Acid, so I did.  I also read this book, the Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide, which was written by a vegan blogger that I highly admire and trust.  That being said, these supplements are my choice.  I'm not here not tell anyone else what to do.  Just simply sharing my thoughts.  This is after all a brand new journey for me as well!

I also want to mention that I have not eaten a perfect vegan diet.  I never plan to incorporate meat in my diet again, so I have not eaten any meat; however, dairy has slipped in at times.  I probably eat organic eggs once or twice a month.  They have to really sound and look good for me to eat them.  Also, there has been some dairy in meals I've had.  I don't prepare anything with dairy at home, but if we are out and dairy happens to slip in at a restaurant, I don't sweat it.  But meat is an entirely different ball game for me and not something I'm OK with eating.

So there you have it.  My diet so far throughout my pregnancy.  Let me know if you have any questions that I didn't answer!

And have a great weekend!  It's suppose to get up to 70 on Sunday.  I am so excited.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 22 Weeks


Ready for some 22 week updates?!

Weight:  Somewhere between 11-15 pounds I'd guess. Eleven pounds gained as of last week.  I make a point to eat extra each day (although it truly just happens without any effort at this point).  I really feel like my bump has grown a lot in the last week, so I'm sure I've put on some more weight.

 Body:  I love how it's changing and my belly is growing!  My skin has been good this week too.  Just a few minor breakouts on my face, but they cleared up quick.  I've really physically felt very good this week.  I've had some aches and pains like a pain in my butt or maybe it's more my lower back? Ha!  Also, I went on a nice walk on Sunday and I felt a little right side pain almost like I pulled a muscle.  I just tried to take it easy after that.

Outfit on 22 weeks - got to love those stretchy shirts and maternity pants!

Cravings:  Basically just need to eat something every 2-3 hours to stay feeling good.  As always, I just try to stick to clean, plant-based eating. 

Here's an example of one day of my eats during the last week:

breakfast 7AM:  kashi GOLEAN cereal with vanilla almond milk

second breakfast at 9AM:  organic sprouted wheat cinnamon raisin bagel with Tofutti cream cheese

Lunch 12:30PM:  almond butter & jelly sandwich on Ezekiel sprouted wheat bread, apple, salad of mixed greens with cranberries and walnuts with a tarragon dressing

Snack 3PM:  handful of cashews and raisins

Dinner 6PM:  whole wheat penne with tomato basil sauce with a Tofurky Italian sausage 

Dessert 7PM:  homemade peanut butter cup

And I drink water all day long.

Sleep:  Last Wednesday and Thursday I was up for 2-3 hours each night.  Apparently at 2AM I like to be wide awake and ready to go for the day, but then by 6AM (when I really need to get up for work) I'm a zombie.  I still had lots of energy on Wednesday, but on Thursday the lack of sleep hit me hard.  I was truly exhausted all day at work and felt sick from it.  The fun part was that while I was up in the middle of the night I felt the baby moving.  So then I was happy I was awake because I love love love feeling him move around!  I guess our little boy is just training me for sleepless nights.

This pup loves bedtime

On Thursday night, I slept from 8PM to 6AM (up very briefly at midnight).  Talk about needing sleep.  Sleep over the weekend was OK, but on Sunday night I slept from 9PM to 6AM - now that's how you start the workweek right.     

Best Moment(s):  Any time I feel the baby moving around is the best moment ever.  I want to ask him "what are you doing in there?!"  At work, I've noticed that I tend to feel him move most around 2PM.  It's after lunch and I'm back at my desk.  Several times I've noticed him moving around this time.  It makes the workday so much better.  Also, generally after dinner I'll notice some movement.  And if I'm up in the middle of the night I have felt him moving around occasionally then too.  It totally makes being up at 2AM worth it.

Closet of pure cuteness!!!

 On Sunday, we visited all our family.  I was so happy to see everyone.  My sister-in-law and mother-in-law were so kind and they gave us so many hand-me-down clothes that my nephew had worn.  They are so cute and I feel so lucky.  Our baby already has quite the wardrobe.  THANK YOU x million!  

My sister-in-law also made a scrumptious breakfast and the sun was shining that whole day.  Wow, I've forgotten how amazing the sunshine makes me feel.  

My brother and Bailee

  In the afternoon, we celebrated my dad's birthday.  We went on a family walk with all the dogs (4 humans, 4 dogs).  Have I mentioned how precious my parents new puppy, Bailee, is?  Love her.  And it was wonderful seeing my parents and brother.

Also, I received the invite to my baby shower over the weekend thanks to my wonderful cousin.  They are so cute!  We have an owl theme going for the baby.  I can't believe the shower is just over a month away.

Goals:  Get outside more now that I think Spring has arrived.  OK, there is still a little snow left in our front yard, but I'm ignoring it.  

22 weeks came quick and next week is my doctor's appointment - woohoo!  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 21 Weeks

Hello!  And happy April!

Well week 21 has certainly been eventful.  I'll start with the highlights.  

 On Saturday, I locked my keys in my car.  Now I've done this in the past, but never have I done this with my car still running.  My husband and I stopping to pick up a few things at Walmart (a place I am not a big fan of to begin with) and we had our dogs with us.  I nicely rolled down the windows so the pups would have air and manually locked my door and started walking around the car.  I then realized my keys were in the car.  The windows were of course not down enough that I could stick my arm in to unlock the door.  Our dogs were entirely confused what was going on.  Talk about serious pregnancy brain.  Thankfully we called the number on my car window (thank you, Kia) and the man came to save the day within 45 minutes.  Let's just say I will be extra careful not to do that again!

And then on Sunday, my husband and I went out for our Sunday date of frozen yogurt and the movies.  Right as the movie was starting (literally the opening lines of Noah had just begun) I got a waive of nausea.  Really crazy nausea that I had to get out of the movies immediately.  I made it to the movie entrance with my husband following close behind and I had to lay down because I was scared I was going to faint.  My husband then helped me to a bench right at the movie entrance where I sat for about a minute and then proceeded to faint.  I wonder how many children waiting in line for the movies saw me go over.  Luckily I just fell over sideways on the bench.  I woke up no more than a minute later and my first thought was "why am I laying down on this bench?"  I then quickly remembered the past few minutes and knew I had fainted.  I've fainted a few other times in my life. 

We immediately called my doctor and went to the hospital where I'll be giving birth.  So on a happy note, we got to see the place.  It's really nice!  Long story short, our baby was just fine.  The doctor said he probably didn't even notice my fainting.  There are so many reasons I could have fainted - low blood pressure, low blood sugar, slight dehydration - who knows.  Overall, it was a bit of a stressful and little scary experience, but we made it through! 

Love the tofu option they have now
We did another sonogram and got to see our little boy on the screen again.  Loved that part.  He was moving all around.  We also confirmed (again) that he is, in fact, a he.  And in all honesty the suite we were in was nicer than some hotel rooms we've stayed at.  Ha!  We finished that day with Chipotle.  Much needed.  I was super hungry by the end of the experience.  Saltine crackers and orange juice never tasted so fantastic.  
Lastly, I had a very sharp pain in my upper left rib yesterday.  It's since gone away, but man it really hurt.  I called the doctor just to get some peace of mind and had a follow-up appointment this morning.  Got to hear our little boy's heartbeat once again.  I will never get sick of that.  So it's been a bit of a crazy week, but still a great one.  

Weight Gain:  11 pounds (found out at the doctor's office).  I know I should be gaining about a pound/week at this point.  No problem here consuming the extra food!

Happy lunch of almond butter and jelly sandwich with a salad
 Body:  Definitely round ligament pain.  I feel my body growing and I'll get bursts of pain on my sides when I roll over in bed sometimes.  

I'm also starting to experience some lower back pain.  Nothing too severe, just a dull ache once in a while. 

On Saturday, we drove to meet my parents because they were picking up their new puppy, Bailee!  She is such a sweetheart.  She's a cockapoo puppy and it was so nice to meet her.  We were driving country roads on the way there and I felt our baby moving lots during that car ride.  It was awesome!  Every day I feel little flutters of movement, sometimes more and sometimes less, just depends on the day.  It brings the biggest smile to my face with every fluttering feeling.

Cravings:  Sometimes hungrier than others.  I eat every two hours though because I'm always hungry for at least a little snack at that time.  My favorite meal this week was thai peanut noodle stir fry.  I just can't get enough udon noodles!

Maternity Clothes:  I will continue to love my maternity pants through this whole beautiful experience.  I'm wearing my first maternity spring top today!  It's actually going to get warm today (like above 50 degrees) - woohoo!

21 weeks outfit!
 Sleep:  Sleep has been absolutely wonderful this week.  There was one night where I was up from 3:30 to 5ish, but I then slept in until 8:30 because it was the weekend, so it really was no big deal.  I'm so very thankful for all the great sleep this week with everything that was going on.  I still toss and turn and roll from side to side to get comfortable though.

  Goals:  Worry less.  I am constantly experiencing new aches and feelings in my body and it's hard not to always think "is that normal?"  I really make an effort to relax and not focus on each little thing, but it can be tough.  Worrying is no fun.  

My husband and I were talking last night about how we're so excited to meet our baby and get to know him, and have him get to know us.  August still seems forever away, but each week is a little closer to meeting our little angel.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Six Foods I Eat Every Week

Hey there!

I have absolutely noticed an increase in my hunger levels this week.  Basically every two hours, if not sooner, I'm hungry for something.  Therefore, lots of snacking to get me through the day.  I think we all have foods that we eat every week without fail.   I'll get on a kick with certain foods and have it for weeks at a time, but the foods listed below are foods I absolutely have every week, if not multiple times a week.  In fact I love these foods so much I can't imagine a week without them. In no particular order, here they are...

black beans

My husband and I eat black beans like it's our job.  They definitely fall into at least one (sometimes up to three) meals each week.  My favorite recipe with black beans:  these quesadillas.  You truly cannot go wrong if you've got tortillas, daiya, black beans, and rice in the house.  

brown rice

Speaking of brown rice, that too makes a major appearance in our house each week.  It goes with close to every meal.  Those quesadillas I talked about, stir fries, salads, wraps, you name it.  Coming from my macrobiotic perspective, brown rice is an absolute super food and I wouldn't go a week without it.  Also, I don't cook fresh rice every day.  It keeps in the refrigerator for a few days, so we generally cook up a large batch and then use it for the next two days.      

sweet potatoes

 Oh they are so glorious.   By now you've probably heard me mention my favorite sesame tofu meal that goes with a pile of baked sweet potatoes.  We eat them all winter long and then make lots of fries with them come summer.  They pair so perfectly with a veggie burger or dog.  I'll even just eat a sweet potato with earth balance and cinnamon for dessert.   


 Kale has become my new favorite green leaf.  It's so nutritious and really I'd take it over spinach.  My husband grows buckets of kale and it's wonderful eating it fresh (like really fresh straight out of the garden).  It truly tastes better than store bought, but really I love kale.  It makes me feel good.  We often saute it in olive oil with garlic and eat it along side dinner.  Kale makes any dinner healthier and happier.

sprouted grain bread 

My go to breakfast is sprouted grain bread - I like this brand.  There are weeks where I have two slices of toast every morning for breakfast.  My favorite toppings include peanut butter, almond butter, Tofutti cream cheese, jelly, and earth balance.  Depending on my craving, I change it up.  Also, a super simple meal is a grilled cheese made with sprouted grain bread and daiya.  And then with homemade sweet potato fries and a side of kale, you've got a wonderful lunch/dinner there.

 noodles (rice, udon, soba or whole wheat)

Udon noodles with broccoli in thai peanut sauce

Last, but certainly not least, are noodles.  If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook you've definitely seen pictures of my meals involving noodles.  I just love them!  Noodle stir fries with a pile of veggies and tofu are my favorite, but a nice Italian dinner of whole wheat spaghetti with Field Roast sausages is also so comforting, especially over this freezing winter we've had.  Noodles are easy and filling.  I stick to organic.  On a busy workday, it's almost effortless putting together a quick noodle stir fry.  Makes life easy and my stomach happy.

Soba noodles with faux chicken and veggies in spicey orange sauce
So there you have it, six foods I eat every week.

What are some foods you eat every week?  What's your favorite from my list?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 20 Weeks


20 WEEKS!!! Halfway point!   Now that I'm here, it feels like the time has just flown by.  I found out I was pregnant at the very end of November and now it's almost April.  Holy cow!

This week has been great even though I fought a head cold all week.  I won't say getting through work wasn't tough, but I did it.  I really think the Miso soup each morning and lots of liquids throughout the day helped lots.  I feel a lot better, so I hope I'm over it.  I still deal with congestion daily, but I know that's a common symptom, so I'm not expecting that to go anywhere.  Onto the updates!

 Total Weight Gain:  It was 10 pounds last week at my appointment, so maybe 11 pounds now?

My Body:  My skin is the best its been.  And I mean that overall.  I feel like it's glowing and happy.  Now I could say this and then I go back to having acne tomorrow (like I had in the beginning of my pregnancy), but as of today my skin is fantastic.  I am just going to cherish it while it's like this. 

On Friday night I really think I felt our baby boy moving!  Now I probably shouldn't even say "I think" because I definitely felt something.  I was laying in bed and I felt a movement, so I put my hands on my stomach and I felt it a few more times.  Our baby boy was moving around in there!  It was truly incredible.  Each day since then I've felt it too although sometimes it's so quick.  I tried to have my husband feel right after I feel the first movement, but a lot of what I feel is internal, so it was tough for him to feel it.  I love feeling our baby move.  I think I've been feeling it for a bit now, but sometimes it's so quick that it's hard to distinguish. 

Cravings:  Real food!  

Apple cider vinegar tofu over a salad - recipe here!
 I've just been wanting lots of veggies, grains, tofu, whole wheat noodles, fruit, etc.  This week involved a lot of delicious food and we had my absolute favorite meal of sesame tofu with sweet potato and kale on Sunday night.  That definitely satisfied my craving the best. 

I could eat this everyday!

And then I made vegan chocolate chip cookies for dessert...YUM!  I use this recipe, but made it vegan by using earth balance, flax egg, and grain sweetened chocolate chips, and healthier by using whole wheat flour.  They are so tasty.

I am truly inspired to eat the best that I can.  I want to provide as much nutrition to myself and the baby as possible.  I just wouldn't feel right eating junk.  Pregnancy has definitely further inspired me to eat natural, whole foods.
Some eats from the week:  Sesame tofu, massive salad with black beans/tomatoes/avocado with lime vinaigrette, pesto soup (made from cauliflower and basil) with chard and gnocchi, peanut sauce stir fry with a mound of broccoli, rice chips with hummus...

Maternity Clothes:  Maternity pants all the way and some maternity shirts.  I can still wear a lot of my normal shirts and dresses though.

Sleep:  Sleep started out rough this week.  I was up a few hours one night that left me exhausted, but I slept like a champ over the weekend, and one night I slept from 10PM to 6:45AM, no interruptions.  It felt really good and I was pretty amazed I slept that long without getting up.  Last night I was up from 3:15AM to 4:30AM - luckily I did get back to sleep until about 6:30AM though.

Relaxing with Jax.  He's been such a snuggle bug lately.

Best Moments This Week:  Thanks to my wonderful parents, this weekend we got the crib for our baby boy!  My husband and dad put it together.  It converts to a daybed and full size bed as well, which was a feature we wanted.  The men did a great job building it.  Now my husband and I will peek in the room and smile because it's just crazy awesome that there's a crib in there.

The grandparents have been so kind already getting clothes for our baby (THANK YOU!).  We are so grateful.  There are no words for the cuteness of the clothes.

A few other great moments include discovering that tcby serves dairy-free frozen yogurt.  My husband and I went Sunday to go to see Divergent and we got frozen yogurt before.  I was SO EXCITED when I saw that I could get some because there was a dairy-free option.  And before the movie we did some exploring at the mall.  I think those sneaks (pictured above) are so adorable.  We didn't buy them, but I just had to take a picture.

Goals:  As always, exercise more.  I want to continue with healthy eating and trying to get solid sleep.

I know I still have a ways to go, but I'm really so excited to meet this little boy.  I want to enjoy each moment of pregnancy because as I can already tell, the time just flies.