Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 17 Weeks Update

Hi there!

These weeks are completely flying this time around.  I feel accomplished just getting this weekly post up and very much wonder how I ever posted daily.  I so appreciate all of you bloggers who post more than I make a habit of because I really enjoy reading your posts.

Today marks 17 weeks.  Baby is the size of an onion!

Weight:  Up another pound or two for sure.  Appointment is next week.  I wouldn’t dare wear any pants but maternity ones and I’m digging more into my maternity shirts at this point.

My Body:  This was the week of having a head cold.  YUCK.  Last Wednesday I started to feel it coming on and then it hit hard.  I was really congested Friday to Sunday.  When I got up this morning I finally felt significantly better.  Still a bit congested, but I’m almost over it.  So, the cold pretty much dominated my week.  I can’t really judge how I was feeling this week accurately because basically I felt like my head was in a bag all week.  I got through the work days and rested as much as a (almost) 18 month year old will let you each night.  My husband had a cold too so that was kind of a bummer for both of us.  Sage has just been sniffling though so I hope it stays that way.  On a very happy note, I’ve been feel little flutters of the baby more!  Mostly at night when I’m lying in bed before sleep or sometimes after a meal.  I definitely felt some flutters after eating a chocolate vegan cupcake.  I mean who wouldn’t do a happy dance about that.

Cravings:  This is the pregnancy of carbs.  Is a plate of spaghetti with a side piece of bread ok for dinner…again?  I have been making a valiant effort to eat more than just carbs though.  They are just what I want.  Food in general just isn’t as appetizing at the moment.  Could be the cold, but it kind of feels like a pregnancy thing too.  I made my favorite curry tofu dish with butternut squash on Sunday night and while it was tasty, it just didn’t do it for me.  Glad Sage loved it though because I gave him all the leftovers.

Sleep:  I could not sleep well being congested all week, but last night I slept 8 hours straight since I was feeling better.  Woohoo!

Best Moments:  Going to toddler gym on Sunday with my husband and Sage.  It is just a blast watching Sage play and it was good for me to be up and about even if I was still recovering a bit from my cold.  We also tried a new-to-us casual Italian restaurant for dinner on Saturday night and that was fun (and not just because I got to eat all the carbs).  Sage enjoyed the food as much as my husband and I did and it was a fun family outing.  Also, we found out that my sister-in-law is having a girl and I’m so excited for them!!!  I had to miss the shower because of my cold, but they surprised everyone.  I started out thinking I was having a girl, but last night I had a dream that the doctor told me it was a boy.  I immediately told me husband, “we need a name!!!”.  We’ve got no name ideas for a boy because we liked the name Sage so much and never even came up with something that compared.  I promise baby if you are a boy that we will find a wonderful name for you!

I think that just about sums things up.  Let me know if there are any topics you want me to touch on this pregnancy.  I’d like to get a post on what I eat as a plant-based eater and day-in-the-life posts are always fun.  I swear I will try to get something more up here soon!

How are you?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 16 Weeks Update


How are you?  Clearly Mr. Sage is having fun around here.  My little goof.  Nothing the dog can't cleanup, right? ;)

I’m back with my sixteen week update.  Baby is the size of an avocado.  Woohoo!

Weight:  I’m sure I’m up another pound or two.  The bump is growing.  I’ll find out in two weeks.

My Body:  Feeling good!  Have a mentioned how nice it is to be in the second trimester?  My energy levels have perked up, my skin is looking good and I hardly ever feel nauseous anymore.  If I do, I just need to eat something.  Also, I think I've felt the baby move a few times.  It's hard to pinpoint, but I swear I've felt those wonderful flutters.

Cravings:  I have still been starting my day with Silk dark chocolate almond milk because it tastes good.  I’m not hungry immediately when I wake up but I can get that down and it makes me feel better.  I then eat breakfast around 8 o’clock.  I’m still going strong with some sort of bread, bagel or pita with Tofutti.  I’m loving grains, greens and tofu at lunch.  Trying to cook more healthy dinners now too.  Last night I made a peanut noodle stir fry (sauce from Isa Does It) with udon noodles, broccoli and tofu.  It was delicious.  A bowl of So Delicious chocolate coconut ice cream did the trick for dessert, and then a bowl of Trader Joe’s multigrain cheerios before bed.  I guess I tend to eat more in the second half of the day.  I still have no desire to have any sort of smoothie or shake for breakfast.  I had one of those a day with Sage so this is a change.

Sleep:  Bed by 10 o’clock and up around 6 o’clock.  I haven’t been falling asleep as early as I was in the first trimester.  I can actually make it through a TV show now.

Best Moments:  We took Sage to toddler gym for the first time over the weekend.  What fun!  We signed up to do it on the weekends and I’m so excited to have this activity to take him to all together as a family.  The workweeks fly by so it’s nice to have this quality time.  We went to the diner nearby before and then off to the gym.  Sage could have stayed in the ball pit all day.  We also took Sage swimming at the YMCA.  I’m not typically a big swimmer but it was a fun time.  He found it hilarious when Daddy or I would pop out from underneath the water.  I’m cherishing all this one-on-one time with Sage because I know my attention will be divided come July.

Goals:  After work I just want to enjoy the quality time with my family.  It’s hard sometimes for me not to get caught up with cleaning, laundry or organizing.  Sage is a great reminder to live in the moment.  He’ll come over to me and grab my hand or come sit in my lap with a book and it immediately brings me into the moment.  This is what is important.  The laundry and dishes aren't going anywhere.

Hope you have a great rest of your week!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 15 Weeks Update

Hi there!

We are officially up-to-date.  I entered 15 weeks on Tuesday, so I plan to post weekly going forward.  I'd like to get some non-pregnancy posts up here as well.  Here's what things are looking like lately...  

Weeks:  15

Weight Gain:  Five pounds last week, so I’m probably up around six now.

My Body:  Entering the second trimester is really a wonderful thing.  I’ve got a little bump, my skin is looking good and I feel more energized.   

Trying to explain about the baby...

Cravings:  I’m not ravenous for food, but I do need to eat frequently.  Silk dark chocolate almond milk to start the day has been my go-to the last few days, and then of course a bagel with Tofutti when I get to work.  I’m trying to do better at having leftovers for lunch packed with good stuff like grains, greens and tofu (or something of the sort).  I’m still completely digging the carbs, but I’m trying to eat better now that I can stomach it.

Sleep:  I’ve been sleeping well overall, but I toss and turn in the night to stay comfortable.  Last night I went to bed around 9PM, I heard Sage cry at 11PM and woke up out of a sound sleep.  He put himself right back to sleep though and I slept solidly until 5AM.  I’d call that a pretty great night of sleep!  I know what the future holds sleep wise, so I’m just soaking in as much sleep as I get now. 

Best Moments:  Sunday was my 29th birthday and I spent the day with my husband and Sage.  It was a wonderful day with them.  My sinuses were actually really hurting that day and I had a headache I couldn’t kick, but it still was very relaxing.  We got a huge vegan breakfast of tofu scramble, pancakes with ice cream and french toast.  We went all out and Sage had fun playing with toys at the table and trying a few bites here and there.  We then went to the Trader Joe’s for a few items and then the pet store so Sage could look at the animals.  Sage took a three-hour nap in the afternoon and I even snuck in a nap, and I typically am not a nap person.  We ordered Thai for dinner and watched three episodes of Sense 8 when Sage went to bed.  Oh, I also had made a batch of vegan funfetti cupcakes!  We recently upgraded to the new iPhones so that was a wonderful present. 

Goals:  Continue to clean out the spare room (pictured above - we made BIG progress on my birthday, but there is plenty more work to do).  Originally we were going to make that the baby’s room, but we’ve decided we are going to move Sage into the spare room and keep his current room as the baby’s room.  The spare room is much bigger and we think it will be really nice for Sage as he’ll have a play area in that room too.  I’m excited to make the transition.  Sage is going to keep his crib as it transitions to a toddler bed (when that happens), and we’ll look for another crib come spring.  There is a huge neighborhood sale and I’m hoping to come across something then.

Happy Thursday! New Serial podcast is up (if you're a fan like me).

Monday, January 18, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 14 Weeks Update


We are almost caught up on my updates.  I have officially entered the second trimester.  Yay!!!

I did a comparison picture from 14 weeks with Sage and 14 weeks now. 

Onto the update...

I wrote this post on January 13, 2016

Weeks: 14 weeks (and one day)

Total Weight Gain: 5 pounds

Body:  I’ve got a little bump and now that I’ve entered the second trimester I am feeling so much better.  Not really nauseous anymore, but I need to eat often.  I have low blood sugar (not something new) and especially with pregnancy I need to pay special attention to it and eat every two hours. 

Clothes:  I wear all maternity pants because they rock.  Elastic waist jeans, you’re amazing.  With my first pregnancy, I tried to wear my normal pants as long as possible, but with this one the maternity pants were waiting in the closet so I jumped right in a few weeks ago.  I can still wear many of my tops, but once again the pregnancy tanks and tee-shirts are just so comfy.  Do you sense my theme of wearing what is comfortable?

Cravings:  I still love all the carbs, but other food is much more appealing now.  I’m making a point to eat more fruits and vegetables, but bagels, pasta and bread are still my food of choice.  I opt for whole wheat pasta and sprouted wheat bread, so that makes me feel a bit better about it.  I have been loving tofu too.

Sleep:  I’ve been staying awake a little later, and by that I mean like 9:30pm at the latest.  I still fall asleep to pretty much every TV show we watch before bed, but I’m not as tired when I get up at 6am the next morning.  Overall, I’ve just felt more rested.  Sage even has been sleeping in later (until 7am sometimes!) and that is incredible. 

Best Moment(s):  Hearing the baby’s heartbeat today!!  Also, I found out we find out the gender at 20 weeks.  Woohoo!

Goals:  Eat more vegetables and start making breakfast shakes again.

Other:  I want to mention that my husband and I came down with a horrible stomach bug (or it could have been food poisoning) on Sunday night (for him) and Monday morning (for me).  Monday was brutal.  I’m lucky I could keep down sprite and Gatorade and I had some crackers with peanut butter.  It was a nasty thing.  Sadly the last thing we had before getting sick was Chipotle and now I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to have it again.  Bad association.  My dad saved the day by coming to our house and playing with Sage for a few hours just so we could rest.  Having a stomach bug and caring for a toddler is downright HARD.  Anyways, we are feeling much better now and I’m grateful for that! 

Pregnancy #2: 13 Weeks Update

Hi there!

I'm catching you up on my pregnancy updates.  Here's what 13 weeks looked like...

I wrote this post of January 7, 2016

I’m calling this my 13 week update ramble.  Sage was up at 1:30AM and started the day at 4:30AM.  These wake-ups are totally out of the norm so I thought he might be sick.  At 4:30AM my husband went in with Sage and I basically just rested for an hour before getting up for work.  I haven’t slept much since 1:30AM though so that’s why I’m a bit tired as a write this.  I got to spend all yesterday home with boy though because someone was sick at daycare.  I kept him home and we had a great day.  We went to Barnes & Noble, Wegmans, repair man fixed our washing machine (WOO HOO!), Sage took a three hour nap, and I watched a movie on the couch which I can’t even remember the last time I did that.  I hope my sweet boy is feeling ok and we all get rest tonight.  I think I may be fighting some sort of stomach bug that hasn’t hit too hard, but I just feel off.

I have been feeling better overall though!  Proof is in the fact that I’ve craved something other than bread or pasta.  I’m happy to announce that I’ve eaten vegetables and grains this week.  Hurray!  Sprouted wheat bagel with Tofutti is still the best thing ever, but give me a pile of rice, kale and tofu and I’ll just as happily devour that.  Tonight I’m think I’ll make a vegan grilled cheese with spinach and tomato.  See, there are some vegetables in there.

I am happily wearing all maternity pants because it is not worth the hassle to wear anything else.  I’m not actually showing so much that people notice or anything, but the maternity pants are just so much comfortable.  Oversized sweaters are also my jam.

I have an appointment next week and then I plan to tell my work as I end the first trimester.  It will be nice to not have to try to hide the bump, but rather flaunt it.

Not too big of an update today, but I’ll be back again soon!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Pregnancy #2: 12 Weeks Update


Happy Friday!  I’m back with my first pregnancy #2 update!  Let’s get to it.

(I wrote this post on December 29, 2015)

Weeks:  12 

Total Weight Gain:  At my appointment just before Christmas I was up 5 pounds…

My Body:  It’s a changing!  I stopped breastfeeding Sage about six months ago and my body found its happy weight afterwards.  I had gotten quite slim while breastfeeding so I put a few pounds back on when that journey came to an end.  I do think my body is changing faster this time around.  It took a long while for my middle to look any different with my first pregnancy, but just last night my husband told me he could see my baby belly.

Clothes:  I’ve been in maternity pants since 10 weeks.  It just wasn’t worth feeling uncomfortable in my regular pants.  Luckily I had a stack waiting for me in my closet from the last round.  I did order a few new tops from Target though.  This time around my work is casual dress so that makes things a lot easier.

Cravings:  Grains, greens and tofu!  I want it for every meal.  Hoping for a huge meal of sesame tofu with kale, sweet potato and brown rice for dinner tonight.  Considering all I wanted was carbs for like two months, this is a pleasant change.  Also, I used to love a chocolate shake (packed with super foods) every morning for breakfast, but I haven’t been able to stomach a shake for a few months now.  I’m hoping to start drinking them again soon because it’s great nutrition and would be a nice change here and there from my sprouted wheat bagel with Tofutti.

Sleep:  I am tired all the time.  I’m pretty much ready for bed as soon as I wake up.  I’m typically asleep by 9PM and up in the morning between 5-7AM.  Mostly depends on when Mr. Sage wakes up and whether it’s a workday or the weekend.  I would say fatigue is my biggest symptom at this point.  Can I take a nap right now?

Best Moment(s):  It was such a wonderful holiday season!  We told our families a few days before Christmas the news and that was really fun for us.  We put Sage in a shirt that says “being promoted to big brother” and it was comical seeing how long it took people to read his shirt.  My husband and I got a good laugh.

Goals:  Now that my nausea isn’t nearly as bad, I want to eat more fruits and veggies.  I’m back to craving all the good stuff so that should make it easier.  Also, I want to spend all my free time with Sage and my husband.  Workdays are long and when I get home I just want to cherish that time with my family (the reason I haven’t made much of an appearance here in the last year).  I’d like to start doing some light workouts.  I was going strong with PiYo before I got pregnant, but that went out the window when my nausea hit.  A very big goal is to clean out the spare bedroom that will become the baby’s room.  It is currently our junk room filled with clothes, books, paperwork…just a mess.  We have got a project on our hands and I definitely want it done in the second trimester.

Other:  For some reason I keep thinking this baby is a girl.  I’m not sure why, but “baby girl” is how I often refer to him/her in my mind.  I will be delighted either way, but it’s funny how this time around I have such a strong feeling about it.

Have a fabulous weekend!  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sage Has a Happy Secret to Share

Hey hey hey!

It has been a while!  I’m popping in quick today with a happy secret I’ve been holding onto for a while (14 weeks to be exact).  Also, to tell you that I plan to make more of an appearance here in the upcoming months, but first Sage will share our news…

That’s right, Sage is getting promoted this July.  Big brother will be his new title and we are so excited!

I’ll be back soon with all the details, but I’m so happy to finally share the news with you.

I hope all is well in your world.  Talk to you soon!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy November: Four Tips for a Happy & Healthy You

Good morning and happy November!


How was your Halloween?  We had a great family day with our little skeleton.  We went to Trader Joe's, Barnes and Noble and played outside.  Today begins my 21 Day Fix Challenge Group!  We bought lots of food from Trader Joe's yesterday to fuel the week and all for less than $100.  I'm always impressed with how much food we get there for the cost.

In the spirit of starting November out feeling fantastic, I wanted to share some of my tips to feeling my best.  None of them are big surprises, but I'm sharing them anyways because I know they make a big difference in my life.  They are simple, but important.

1 – Eat better.  Eat more whole foods.  REAL FOOD.  Cut back on sugar.  Food is medicine, my friends.  Whole foods make me feel incredible.  I feel really good every day and that definitely wasn’t always the case.  Food influences happiness. I get happy when I eat a chocolate chip cookie too, but if they are made with really crappy ingredients, I feel lousy later.  However, if I get a Chipotle burrito packed with brown rice, black beans, tomatoes, corn, guacamole and lettuce, I feel really happy and full.  Also, I don’t feel bad later.  The food we eat every day influences how we feel every day.  It impacts the decisions we make and how clearly we are thinking.  It influences our emotions and how we can tolerate stress.  I’m not saying that the food can cure all, but it is crazy powerful. 

2 – Workout.  Just 20-30 minutes 4-5 days/week.  These days as a busy, full-time working mama I don’t have much time to workout.  I used to spend hours and hours running before work each week.  Running isn’t my priority right now, but I still have fitness goals.  I want to get stronger and leaner.  I want to sweat and do something for me.  How do I fit in a workout?  I involve my family.  The time after work is precious.  My husband and I only have 2-3 hours with our son before he goes to sleep.  We want to make that time count.  Therefore, Sage joins us for the workout.  Right now I’m doing PiYo, so I bring my little guy in the basement with me and a bunch of his toys and that’s how I do my 20-30 minute workout.  Also, the change of scenery is nice for him as we enter (what we like to call) cranky o’clock (you know that time before bedtime…).  It’s entertaining for us and Sage.  He’ll crawl under me when I’m doing plank, he’ll dance to the music, sometimes I have to pause my workout and help him with a book or a toy, but I do the best I can.  Most often it’s fun for all and I’m a better mama for it.

3 – Checkout from your phone.  I made this rule for myself that I don’t go on my phone from 5-7PM.  That is time dedicated to my family.  I might use it to take a photo or post a recipe on FB, but I’m not sitting staring at it.  It’s what works for me and it’s refreshing!  Don’t get me wrong I love my iPhone and all its powers, but I find that by setting that time where I won’t be on it, that I focus on my family more.  I focus on dinner and playtime.  I just feel better from the break.

4 – Focus on what you did accomplishment, not everything that needs to get done.  Let me explain.  There are days when I wake-up late and my husband and I are rushing around trying to get ready for work and Sage needs breakfast and Jax (our dog) wants to go outside.  We’re juggling everything and then we fly out the door.  The workdays are busy and then we’re home and it’s time to get dinner on the table, laundry needs to get done, the house needs cleaning, we want to give Sage all our attention… There’s basically a million different things I could focus my attention on, but if I did that nothing would really get done.  So I focus on just getting something done.  Maybe it’s laundry one night or maybe it’s vacuuming.  I know these aren’t what you would truly call accomplishments, but they are productive.  Many nights my accomplishment is a nice dinner and playtime with Sage then relaxing with husband after he goes to bed.  That’s wonderful.  When I get a chance to write a post (like this one) or connect with others in my Challenge Groups, or I have the opportunity to share what I can offer as a Health Coach, that’s fantastic.  I feel like I really got a lot done!  Putting it simply, focusing on what didn't get done is stressful and I don't have time for that!

I love the start of a new month.  November is a special one because it's the time before the holidays hit.  It's a time of opportunity.  Think about what you can do to feel your best this month.  It is not too late to join my 21 Day Fix Accountability Group either.  Our goal is get to fit by Thanksgiving and we start today {email me at lovalatte1@gmail.com or find me on Facebook}!

Do you follow any of these tips?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why I Became a Beachbody Coach & Why It Could Be For You Too

Hey hey!

I want to jump right into my post today on why I became a Beachbody Coach.  I've gotten a bunch of questions and it's about time I filled you guys in!  Here's the scoop:  In August, I officially became what I like to call a Health Coach.  It’s how I define myself.  I've only been coaching for two months now and it is changing my life in so many positive ways.  I don’t say that lightly.  This decision has been monumental in a variety of ways and I’m going to share them all with you.  I also want you to know that this is something that you could do t0o.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your health and fitness journey.

I’ve been blogging for three years and I think it’s pretty obvious that I have a huge passion for health and wellness.  I'm a health enthusiast.  For the past six years I have been soaking in as much information about how to become the best version of myself.  I’ve been on a journey to have a happy and fun relationship with food, I’ve gone through a pregnancy, had a beautiful boy, and now I’m balancing life as a busy mom and wife.  I’ve read so many books and scoured the internet all to feed my passion.  In the process I discovered that a plant-based diet works fantastically for me.  In fact, I’ve never felt better and I owe so much of that to eating whole foods every day.  I also work full-time in the legal field and have a toddler.  Both of these things keep me very busy.  

Before having a baby, I spent hours running each week and blogging.  Well, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I don’t blog as often now and running has taken a backseat.  However, I had been thinking for a while that this was the perfect time to start pursuing another desire of mine:  helping others on their health and fitness journey.  For years I’ve had friends and family asking me for advice.  I wasn’t getting paid to give my personal opinion on what foods to eat and not to eat to feel great, I just genuinely loved helping them.  If it worked for me, maybe it could work for them too.  Just talking about it is so much fun and very fulfilling. 

The opportunity to become a Beachbody Coach basically presented itself.  I saw a door and I opened it.  It wasn’t the first time I’d been presented with this opportunity, but it was the right time.  Being a Coach can mean a number of things depending on where you want to take it.  Here are the reasons I became a Coach:

*to help others along their health and fitness journey
*to connect with other like-minded people
*to build my own business and make money
*to get the discount on Shakeology and the fitness programs

I did it for all of those reasons.  I know coaches who just do it for the Shakeology discount and that’s fantastic.  I hugely appreciate that discount every month.  As I’ve confessed, I’m hooked on Shakeology (and my husband is too) and that discount helps us keep within our budget.  If that’s something you too could benefit from, let me know.  I also know coaches who want to help others while getting their discount.  They have a full-time job, but being a Coach is very rewarding to do on the side.  I completely agree!  Then there are coaches that want, or have, built a business of their own.  How cool!  You might know someone who has done this or is working towards this and I think it’s wonderful.  It’s a goal of mine and something I’m working hard towards.

Then there's the fitness aspect.  For years all I did was run.  Discovering my love for different sorts of workouts is a blast and my body is thanking me for doing something other than just running.  I am PiYo hooked as you may have noticed.  I know I am getting stronger by the day and it is so rewarding.  I have personal fitness goals that I want to reach and these workout programs are giving me that opportunity.  I bring Sage down in the basement with me and he plays with his toys while I get in a workout, or my husband joins me for a workout and Sage gets to join the workout party.  We want to be great role models for him as he grows up and the fact that we can bring fitness into our home rocks.  

I’m a part of team Fit & Fierce and just being a part of the community is so inspiring.  We support each other and encourage each other no matter what type of coach we are.  We all do what works best for us as individuals.  I’m sharing this with you because maybe it will trigger something within you.  Can you relate to any of the reasons I listed for why I became a Coach?  If you can, then I would love to chat more with you about this opportunity.  The personal development I’ve put in just by becoming a Coach feels fantastic, and I would love to share that gift.  Remember that it doesn’t matter if you’re in incredible shape or just starting to put more thought into your health, we all have something to offer. 

 I hope I’ve answered your questions, but if I’ve missed anything, please let me know.  If you want to talk more about all this fun stuff, find me on Facebook, Instagram, or email me at lovalatte1@gmail.com.  Can’t wait to connect!

How was your weekend?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Life Happenings


How are you?!  We are well into the fall season and this is my absolute favorite time of year.  I am a fall weather loving kind of woman.  It’s like autumn hits and I suddenly feel more at peace.  I love jeans, sweaters, boots, pumpkin everything, apples galore, colorful leaves, rainy days, comfort food… I wish October was double the length.  We’ve been doing a lot of fall things lately.  Last weekend we went to an apple festival by us not only for the beautiful scenic drive but for entertainment for Sage.  He loved watched the kids on the fair rides.  We all enjoyed an apple fritter (or two).  We also got in a nice walk along the paths in our neighborhood.  During the summer it wasn’t all that fun being on the paths because the bugs were really bad, but now that they are gone it is so much more enjoyable and everything looks so pretty.  Just typing about it makes me want to get out there now!

 The days fly by.  Between working full-time and then working (which is really not work to me) on getting my business as a Health Coach off the ground, life is busy.  When I get home from work at night, I put down my phone and devote my attention to Sage and my husband.  We do dinner and playtime, then its bath and bed for Sage.  Many nights I’ve been bringing Sage in our lower level with me after dinner so I can get in a PiYo workout.  All the good TV shows are back so my husband and I watch a show on our iPad before bed.  My favorites right now are Scandal and Big Bang Theory, but I also really like Modern Family and Homeland.  The two hours after Sage goes to bed is time to decompress and take care of everything else that needs to get done.  Sometimes I work on Health Coach stuff and sometimes not.  Depends where my brain is by that time of night.

Anyways, I want to talk to you about a few things.  Some of it involves an opportunity for you and some of it is goal stuff for me and I’d love your thoughts.

*For starters, I’ve got another accountability group starting up November 1st!  If you’re looking for support and motivation to exercise and eat better, this is a wonderful opportunity for you.  I’m really excited about this one because it will finish up just as Thanksgiving hits.  21 Day Fix here we come!  This program focuses on eating whole foods and portion control.   No calorie counting which is what I love.  The workouts are 30 minutes daily all in the comfort of your home.  You make it work in your schedule.  All of us will be a part of a private Facebook group where you’ll get support and tips from myself, another coach friend of mine, and the other participants.  This program has been a huge hit because of its effectiveness.  Just think where you could be in 21 days.  Let me know if this interests you.  I’d love to have you in my challenge group!

*I’ve been thinking about something a lot lately.  It came out of nowhere really and it’s not something I’ve ever considered before, but I’ve been contemplating it and I get really happy when I think about it.  I want to become a certified PiYo instructor.  I’m not incredible at PiYo and I just recently fell in love with it, but that’s just it.  I love it and how it makes me feel.  I started thinking how fantastic it would be to help others feel as good as I do from PiYo.  Now I am not a good public speaker and I get anxiety, and I actually do not like being in front of a crowd, but I really want to do this.  For some reason I can imagine doing this and I think I could break out of my shell  in the process.  I’m currently participating in a 60 Day PiYo Challenge and I’m loving it.  It keeps me accountable and I’m getting better with every workout.  It’s such a change from running and I could see doing this for a very long time.  What do you think?

 *Lastly, I wanted to share my experience thus far with Shakeology.  I didn’t want to tell you guys too much until I had really dived in.  Well, I’ve been drinking Shakeology for breakfast for the last 7 weeks almost every day.  I’ve probably missed like 5 days total because on the weekends I sometimes make something else for breakfast (like pancakes!) but I’ll often have a shake later in the day.  I told you guys I would be completely honest with my results and so I’m here to do just that.  I love it!  Over the years I have used a lot of different protein powders including Sun Warrior, Vegan Smart, Plant Fusion, generic Soy Protein Powder, generic Brown Rice protein powder, etc.  There were things I liked about these and things I didn’t.  I LOVE the Chocolate vegan flavor of Shakeology.  I’m hooked.  I rely on it to keep me going each workday and to start my day feeling really good, and I do!  I feel energized and ready to conquer the day.  As you’ve noticed, life is busy and I care a lot about what I put in my body.  This punch of nutrition makes me happy each morning.  I love that I’m getting protein, but so many other things.  Amino acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, prebiotics, digestive enzymes...  This stuff has boosted my immune system, protects my body against stress, helps my intestinal health, among other things.  I have noticed this change and I’m thankful for it.  Full disclosure here, my friends.  I’m hooked.

 Tell me something going on in your life!