Monday, August 18, 2014

Birth Story - Part One


This is a fun post to write. Especially now that I'm through those terribly painful contractions and can look back at it.  My new posting schedule is when Sage is asleep on my chest in the late hours of the night.  I really appreciate Siri doing most of the typing and I just have to dictate.  Onto how labor happened for me!

Nothing could've really prepared me for labor because it's such a unique experience.  I'm sure the timing of each progression is off as it's kind of all a blur timewise at this point, but I did my best to map it out.  I'm probably missing a bunch of details as well.  While my entire labor experience was a long 27 hours, there really was only a few hours that pushed me almost to the brink and tested my pain tolerance more than I could have imagined.

However, the gift at the end of it all is so beautiful that without a doubt I would do it all over again.

Saturday, August 9th - Above is the last picture taken of me pregnant.

I just felt different that day.  I felt off. Like I couldn't feel like that and be pregnant for much longer.  My belly felt really heavy and just walking took effort. My husband and I ran errands that day and went grocery shopping and I remember the whole time just being exhausted.  My appetite was off as well.

Sunday, August 10th 

3AM - I had gone to bed really early feeling nauseated.  I woke up suddenly at 3AM and went to the bathroom. On the way, I felt my water break.  It wasn't a big gush, but enough that I knew what was happening.  I walked back into the bedroom and called to my husband, waking him out of a sound sleep. I told him what had happened and he flew out of bed.  Together we took the next hour packing up last minute things for the hospital and I tried to eat some toast, but I really had no appetite.  We said goodbye to our pups and by 4AM we were on the road to the hospital.  

4:30AM - They took me into triage to confirm that my water had for sure broken.  While entering the hospital I proceeded to leak a lot more, so it really wasn't questionable.  We were at the hospital to stay.

I was asked if I was having any contractions and I got the vibe very quickly that because I wasn't, this was going to be a long process.  We were moved to our private room and around 6AM I called my parents to let them know what was happening.

My doctor informed me that he was going to give me the day to see if my body started laboring naturally, as in give me until 9PM that night to see what progressed.  And so began the leisurely day of slowly laboring.  I was told I could eat throughout the day since I wasn't really in active labor (thank goodness because I was starving by 10AM!) and that I should just get walking to see if I could get things moving.

We watched a lot of TV that day and I took a lot of walks around the hospital floor.  I would walk a few laps with my husband, and then a few laps with my mom, take a break, and then continue walking again.  By early afternoon I was feeling contractions, but nothing painful. They were actually very exciting.  Contractions = good!! 

6PM - By this time my contractions were getting closer and more painful. I was starting to question whether I could actually go without any medication.

7PM - The pain was horrible.  My contractions were coming about every three minutes and they were incredibly hard to handle. I also was beginning to lose it mentally.  My husband was my rock during the whole process.  During the earlier contractions he had rubbed my back to help with the pain, but at this point I couldn't even handle being touched.  I wanted an epidural.  I was checked and only 3 cm dilated at that point so I still had 1 cm to go before my doctor would let me get it. Ahh!  I didn't know how I was going to wait.  Someone suggested that I get into the tub as it may help and I jumped at the chance.  Being in the tub didn't necessarily help with the pain, but the change of environment was really good for me mentally.  My husband played relaxing music and I tried to relax.  The contractions were all consuming.  I felt them in my front and back.

8PM - After getting out of the tub I was checked again and this time I was 4 cm dilated. Woohoo! I was allowed to get the epidural.  

This is where things become a bit hazy in my memory because I was in so much pain that I could barely function.  I felt like I was losing my mind.  I was waiting for the epidural that was taking a while because the anesthesiologist was in a C-section.  I couldn't stand through the contractions and sitting felt just as horrendous.  I yelled through each contraction. This hour that it took before I actually got the epidural is the part of labor that I hope to forget.  I remember my dad was in the room at one point and he was holding one hand and my husband was holding the other while I cringed through each contraction.  The pain was just indescribable, and even now as I try to describe it, I am at a loss for words. 

9PM-10PM - I was so scared that I was going to move while they were giving me the epidural. The doctor had made it clear that if I moved at all I could risk getting a horrible migraine.  I thought there was no way I could sit still through a contraction and I was very concerned how I was going to manage.  The nurse was very stern with me and she told me "you can do it, I know you think you can't, but you will."  And she was right because somehow when I had to stay stil, I did.  The epidural took effect quite quickly and the pain faded away...

10PM - I slept. Wonderful, glorious, fantastic sleep.  My husband slept in a sleeper chair next to me.  I remember the nurse coming in and checking me every hour, and then I would quickly drift back into sleep.

Monday August 11th 3AM - When the doctor checked me this time I distinctly remember him saying "Ok, when I come back in an hour, it's going to be time to push." That woke me up! I laid there for the next hour thinking about what was to come...

First Week with Baby Sage


I'm writing on my iPhone with the wonderful baby Sage sleeping on my shoulder having just fed him.  It's just after 4AM and Sage slept for the last two hours!  Considering that I'm breastfeeding every two hours (but on demand really), that short stretch of sleep is much appreciated.

In just an hour from now Sage will officially be one week old.  We've watched him develop a bit in just a week so I can't imagine what a month will bring.

First, I'll chat about how Sage is doing.  He's eating like a champ and sleeping like one too.  He much prefers sleeping on my or my husband's chest or in our arms, so that definitely doesn't mean we're sleeping a ton.  Sage's life basically just consists of eating and sleeping right now, oh, and of course having lots of dirty diapers.  

I kept track of my feeding times (because literally my brain is sometimes so tired I can't remember from one to the next) and he fed 13 times yesterday.  That is almost on the dot every two hours.  His weight was up three ounces at yesterday's doctors appointment.  Just got to keep that up so he gets back to his birth weight of 7 lbs 14 ounces in the next week.

Sage's favorite thing to do is cuddle with mommy or daddy, and his least favorite thing is being changed because he gets cold.  He doesn't appreciate sponge bath time in general, but he seems to like when daddy gently pours warm water over his head (we tilt his head back over a little bucket so it doesn't get in his face) to get the shampoo out.  Also, Sage is beginning to smile.  When he's awake for brief periods of the day, he loves making eye contact with one of us while cuddled in our arms and being talked or sang to.  

Now onto how I'm doing.

I'm sleep deprived and happier than ever.  I have moments of feeling overwhelmed and not really know what I'm doing, but my frustration passes pretty quickly.  My husband is a huge support and our teamwork makes it all possible.  He takes Sage numerous times throughout the day so that I can get sleep for an hour here and there.  I try to get in a quick nap right before nighttime so that I've got an extra boost to get through the night.

We've spent the majority of the week at the hospital so we are just starting to get into a routine at home.  For the first few nights Sage would only sleep in our arms.  Yesterday we were given a Fisher Price Rock n' Play after it was recommended to us due to his reflux, and that has made a big difference in the last twelve hours.  Sage spent chunks of his naptime in it and slept there some of the night while I slept on the couch next to him.  It was a beautiful relief to me that he likes being in it.

Really sleep deprivation is the biggest challenge I'm facing right now and that's 100% to be expected. I've been making a point to eat well and drink lots of water.  I grocery shopped yesterday while my husband watched Sage and stocked up our refrigerator and cupboards like crazy. I spent double what we normally do in a week so we've got plenty of food in the house.  With breastfeeding it's incredibly important to me that I eat well (and lots) for my and Sage's benefit.

I am seriously impressed with how my body is bouncing back. I look down at my stomach and it's hard to believe that just a week ago I was close to 30 pounds heavier.  I've definitely shrunk down a lot but my stomach is still soft.  I'd like to start running again soon, but I don't anticipate getting out there for probably a month or so.  This time right now is all about resting in with Sage.

I think that just about sums up the last week. Let me know if there are things in particular that you'd like me to share on the blog, whether it's about Sage or my experience as a new mom.

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Welcome Baby Sage

Hi there!

It's only been a week since my last post, but my how life has changed in the most wonderful of ways.  

Our beautiful baby boy, Sage, was born on Monday, August 11th at 5:24 AM.  I promise to share the birth story eventually as it truly was a life changing experience.

I don't think I'll ever be able to put into words the emotions I felt when they placed Sage on my stomach for the first time.  It was a feeling of overwhelming love and all consuming happiness.  After nine months, the baby I had thought about everyday was here, right in my arms.

He is absolutely precious.  We are so in love.

It's been a whirlwind since Monday. We were discharged from the hospital on Wednesday. However, after Sage's first doctors appointment on Thursday morning, there was some concern due to the amount of spit up/vomit he was producing after each feeding. Long story short, it has been determined that he has acid reflux. We are back in the hospital now working with doctors to help our baby boy.  He is a great feeder and has been since day one, but with his acid reflux, we are learning that feeding is a delicate balance between getting Sage the nutrition he needs and not over feeding him so that he spits it all up.  

I think I've gotten a total of maybe 15 hours of sleep this week, but it's worth every moment of exhaustion.  He is the love of our lives.  My husband and I have taken shifts sleeping and our parents continue to be a huge help and support.

I'm dictating this post with sweetheart Sage sleeping on my chest as we spend another night in the hospital.  He much prefers sleeping in our arms rather than a crib. 

I look forward to posting about life with Sage, although, I'm sure my posts will be less frequent for some time.  Basically if I'm not feeding and cuddling with Sage, I'm trying to sleep for an hour here and there and eat something. 

We appreciate all your love and support as dealing with acid reflux is very tedious and difficult to experience, especially because Sage is such a phenomenal eater (must have gotten his love for eating from me!)

I hope all is well with you!

How are you?  

Any mommas out there who have an infant with acid reflux?  

Any tips for getting by on very little sleep?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 39 Weeks


39 week update here!  I can't believe I'm 39 weeks.  However, I found out at my doctor's appointment yesterday that my due date is actually this Friday, as in two days from now.  In the beginning there were two dates they mentioned as due dates and I guess now they are going with the earlier one. I'm practically 40 weeks!  Baby boy is welcome anytime now.  I keep wondering how I'll go into labor.  If I'll start to feel contractions or my water will break.  Will I be at work?  Will it be the middle of night?  Will I have to be induced?  I guess only time will tell...

Weight:  Gained 27.5 pounds.  Weight hasn't changed in the last two weeks.

 Body:  Overall, I felt much better this week than week 38.  The one symptom I noticed this week was my skin felt itchy.  Not severely so, but enough that I took notice.  I told my doctor and they ran some blood tests just to be sure all was well.  All the test came back great, just waiting on the one that takes a few days, but my doctor wasn't concerned.

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday because it's my due date and they'll really start to monitor me at this point.  I have another sonogram and a full checkup.   

Sleep:  Not too bad.  Better than last week.  I'm still up for random hours during the night, but I've been sleeping pretty decent.  I'm tired everyday though.

Hubby made a favorite on Friday night - sesame tofu over sweet potato, kale, and brown rice

Cravings:  I'm back to eating cereal for breakfast.  It's been months since I've wanted cereal.  I attempted (and succeeded) at making one of my absolute favorite meals over the weekend.  My sister-in-law introduced me to it and it's ridiculously delicious.  It's a curry dish with tofu and squash.  It involves lots of curry paste/powder, cumin, coconut milk, some peanut butter, a whole butternut squash and tofu, all served over a pile of white rice.  At first it didn't taste quite right, but the longer it cooked, the better it got.  And the leftovers tasted even better.  My sister-in-law is a genius because really this meal is out of this world delicious.  On a side note, I made the meal in the midst of dealing with our house crisis (more below on that) and it was a delicious distraction!

Squash and tofu curry dish!  The picture does not do the dish justice whatsoever.
Life Happenings:  Oh it was an interesting weekend.  On a happy note, my husband and I went out for a breakfast date Saturday morning and then went to the movies and saw Get On Up at lunchtime.  We stopped and got one more cloth diaper on the way back home because I had a coupon then we grocery shopped so the refrigerator and cupboards are full of the goods.  

Once we got home, that's when things got interesting.  There was a puddle of water in front of the back window and on the window sill.  There are had definitely been a storm while we were in the theaters.  We quickly discovered that same puddle of water was also in front of the window and on the window sill of our lower level.  My husband checked out the roof and saw that a large branch had hit it.  Uh oh... 

To make a long story short, the branch made a fist size hole in our roof and has caused us water damage on both our upper and lower level.  We're in the middle of dealing with our insurance company to get things repaired, but it's going to be a process.  

I know that the work will get done, but it's going to take time.  Baby boy could come any day at this point so I'm not sure that the work will get done before he arrives.  And I'm making myself be OK with that.  I'm just keeping a smile on my face because I know we will get through this, it's just a pain in the butt. 

It was our anniversary yesterday!  We were going to go out to dinner, but with the upstairs wall being torn up, we needed to be home, and both of us were beat.  We ordered Chinese instead and watched Crazy, Stupid, Love.  It was a wonderfully relaxing night together.

Goals:  Enjoy these last moments (minutes/days/weeks?!) of pregnancy!!!  The car seat is officially in the car.  We're ready to go.  I'm just going to try really hard to be patient.

 We can't wait to meet you baby boy!  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy Second Anniversary!


Today is our second wedding anniversary!  

"Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
So take my hand, and take my whole life too
Cause I can't help falling in love with you"

This was our first dance song (Can't Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson) and those words certainly hold a special place in my heart.

Honeymoon Seattle/Vancouver August 2012

Anniversaries have a way of showing us how quickly time flies by.  Just 365 days ago was our first wedding anniversary.  It's been a big year.  I'd say it's been one of the greatest growing years of my life yet, mentally, emotionally, and physically with baby boy growing inside!

Last year I described our beautiful wedding day and this year I want to reflect on all we've been through together in the last year.  I've just focused on my pregnancy on the blog, but life was full of a lot of other stuff too.  We made big decisions.  Decisions about moving (not now), house decisions (surprise renovations), job changes, money decisions, and more.  Big life stuff that required a lot of thought and long talks.  And of course a whole lot of love.  

And in the midst of all this, the biggest blessing of all happened.  We found out that right around our 2nd wedding anniversary we would be welcoming our baby boy into the world.  What a wonderful gift.  The most exciting gift of all!  I'm writing this now before we've met our baby boy.  We are beyond excited!  I will always remember this year because in this year we found out that we'd be having our baby boy.  

The day I met my husband, I felt like I was meeting my best friend.  Like I'd gone a lifetime without knowing him and a part of me had been missing, and then there he was!  There is no one else I'd rather have by my side.  He's the first person I want to talk to in the morning and the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night.

 I'm also extremely proud of my husband and I because in the last year we were faced with big life challenges.  And together, we faced them, and are stronger for it.  We're a team that I'm honored to be a part of.  

 I have no idea what the next year will bring.  I couldn't have planned the last year if I tried and I have no intention of planning out the next.  I certainly am looking forward to our wonderful journey together though!

I love you with all my heart, hubby.  This post is for you.    

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 38 Weeks


38 weeks - woohoo!  Overall I really have not felt that fantastic the last week.  However, this morning I woke up with a (small) burst of energy.  It's amazing what a solid night of sleep will do for you.  Yesterday I had my doctor's appointment and she said at the end of my appointment, "see you next week!"  I haven't had any contractions yet, but baby's head is sitting very low.  Let's see what the next week brings!  Onto the updates.

Weight:  No change from last week.  Up 27.5 pounds total.

Hubby caught Lincoln mid sneeze in this photo - ha!

Body:  By Friday of last week I was crazy exhausted.  I woke up Friday morning feeling like I hadn't slept at all.  The thing is I did sleep at least six hours, but was up around 3:30AM for a bit.  Work was not a fun time on Friday.  I just wanted to crawl under my desk and take a long nap.  I felt more energetic over the weekend.  However, the workdays are long and I'm starting to struggle more with them.  I come home every night and just need to put my feet up and relax.   

Sleep:  Blah!  I'm very lucky that I slept solidly for so many months because sleep has become quite the challenge.  Even if I do fall asleep, there's no guarantee I won't wake up a few hours later and then be up.  I sometimes fall asleep fast, sometimes not.  I'm always up at least once in the night.  My body just feels tired. 

Cravings:  Sometimes food sounds fantastic, sometimes not at all.  Nothing really stands out this week except the dish we made twice - tofu scramble (with onion, garlic, chard, and soy sauce) over green rice (brown rice with sauteed spinach) and a raspberry chipotle sauce on top.  It was by far the best thing I ate all week.  That ice cream cone I had on Sunday night was pretty great as well.  But really, overall, my appetite is off. 

Best Moments:  Lunch date with my hubby on Friday.  I was really feeling horrible that day and seeing him made the workday so much better.  We went to Jimmy John's for lunch (had a veggie sub filled with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, and avocado!) and then we strolled down to Starbucks for some frappuccinos.

Sign at Jimmy John's - I really like it because I totally agree!

 I mentioned it last week, but we've ordered our new car!  It won't be ready until the end of August.  It will be so incredible to have a new Subaru Outback to travel with baby boy and pups come fall.  Our family only lives about 1.5 hours away, but we don't have a car that's safe to travel in with the whole gang, so this will be really special.  Also the first car my husband and I will have bought together!  

Trying to be alert at work!

 I felt much better over the weekend.  Mostly because I can sleep in a bit and just relax as I need to.  My husband and I cleaned out our lower level.  We're literally making projects for ourselves at this point.  Baby boy, the house is ready for you. 

Hanging with hubby and the dogs.  The food above is tofu scramble over green rice with a raspberry chipotle sauce. 

Saturday evening we went for a leisurely 2 mile walk and I felt great the whole time.  At my doctor's appointment yesterday when the doctor confirmed that baby boy's head is really low, she asked me if I felt any pressure.  Yes!  Sometimes walking becomes very uncomfortable.

For brunch on Sunday we had a little get together with my husband's coworkers at a fantastic Mexican restaurant.  I got a curry tofu scramble with a side of vegan sausage and homefries.  Delicious!  Everyone was so generous and we received a few more gifts for baby boy - some books, bottles, bathtub, diapers, wipes, and giftcards.  Truly such kind gifts that we are so grateful for.  Then, Sunday dinner, my parents visited.  It was great to see them.  They figured the next time they'll come to visit us is when baby boy makes an appearance!

Goals:   Be patient for baby boy's arrival.  I'm so excited to meet our little guy.  I know it could be any day now, but at the same time it could be another three weeks (if I go 10 days overdue).  I just want to enjoy my big belly and every movement from baby boy.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

19 Days Until My Due Date


Ready for some rambling?

Today officially marks 19 days until my due date.  We're so excited to meet our baby boy.    It is really hard to be patient.  Of course I want him to bake as long as he needs to, but my hubby and I can hardly wait for his arrival.  Baby boy's room is ready and I can only vacuum the house so much.  That being said, 19 more days is really a crazy short period of time.  However, my doctor did let me know at my appointment on Monday that they'd let me go up to 10 days past my due date.  Ok, that's still less than a month from now! 

Speaking of vacuuming, our new vacuum from Target arrived yesterday and it's fantastic.  Never in my life have I gotten so excited over a vacuum.  A few years ago we bought a super cheap vacuum just to get us by in the apartment we were living in at the time.  However, two years later (and now in a house and living with an additional furry dog), we needed a real vacuum.  Turns out spending $100 on a vacuum is actually worth the money.  The floors are a whole new level of clean.  Little things like this make me feel like I'm preparing for baby boy.  My dogs on the other hand do not appreciate my vacuuming as much as I do.

Last night we set the bassinet up in our room.  My husband suggested we put it next to the bed so that our dogs could begin to get used to it being there, and then they would get used to not being able to sleep in that spot.  I think they just sort of thought it was an obstacle in their way and didn't really bother with it.  They might think differently when they hear a baby in it, but hopefully this helps them acclimate.  

Jax (our German Shepherd Border Collie Mix) has been such a love lately.  Like to the point that when I go to hug my husband goodbye in the morning, Jax appears next to his leg nudging him for attention.  I'm not sure if he senses something is up or what.  He's always been the biggest cuddle bug, but he seems to have taken it up a notch as of late.  I've been trying to give him extra attention just so he knows I'll always love him like crazy.

We've made progress in the new car department.  Since finding out that my husband's car might not last us as long as we planned, we visited the Subaru dealership on Tuesday night.  I generally hate going to the dealership and dealing with the salesman, but this was an impressively non-stressful and delightful experience.  We knew what he wanted and made that clear.  We've ordered our Subaru Outback and it should be ready by the end of August.  Therefore, it most likely will not be here before baby boy arrives, but that's OK.  Hopefully my husband's car will go strong for another month, and if not, we'll use my car for the time being and make it work.

   This weekend I really want to stock up our freezer/refrigerator a bit.  We are sort of on empty right now because we were busy last weekend and didn't do a full shop.  Time to get some extra food in the house.  Just another task that will make me feel like I'm being productive.

Alright, I think that just about sums things up at the moment.  Baby boy will come when the time is right!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cap'n Crunch Berries Smoothie

Hey there!

This morning I needed to make a new smoothie.  I've been making this smoothie for at least the past month and it was time for a change.  Plus the spinach in the refrigerator didn't look all that appealing this morning and I wanted to use up some of the frozen strawberries chilling in the freezer.  

I was going to call this shake "PB&J Smoothie" but my husband inspired the name change.  I made a shake for him this morning too and the first thing he said was, "This tastes like Cap'n Crunch Berries cereal!"  I totally agreed.  That was one of the special cereals we rarely got growing up, but it was always a special treat when we did.  Now it's way too sugary for me and I really don't like the aftertaste, but this smoothies gives the flavor without all that junk.

The ingredients are ridiculously basic so feel free to add whatever else you think would make it better.  I just needed something nutritious to start my day and this basic smoothie did the trick.  It makes enough for two people.

Into the blender:

1 and 3/4 cups vanilla almond milk
1 overflowing cup of frozen strawberries
2 tbsp. chia seeds
2 tbsp. creamy peanut butter

  Then blend!

Like I said, it's super simple, but I'm posting it because it really was delicious and I plan on making it again, and again!  I think next time I'll add some ground flaxseed just for added goodness.  Some protein powder would probably be a nice addition as well.  Good thing my PlantFusion protein powder is on it's way! 

What was your favorite treat cereal growing up?  Would you try this smoothie?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pregnancy Journey - 37 Weeks

Hey hey hey!

I'm in the 9th month. Woohoo!  Baby boy has reached full term.  That makes me so happy.

This week I bought the last things on our list-of-things-to-buy-before-baby-boy-arrives.  A bought a Moby Wrap and one more cloth diaper!  The Moby Wrap was something I really wanted as I envision using it around the house a lot with baby boy and when out and about.  We had a coupon/gift card for Babies R Us and I was so happy to see they sold them in store.  I bought one more cloth diaper, so we now have a total of 10 bum genius 4.0s.  I figure that's a solid days worth and then we can acquire more over the next few months.

Weight: 27.5 pounds gained.  I swear I'm not eating that much more, but I just seem to keep putting on the pounds.  

Body:  Feeling large.  I'm so thankful for the two summer dresses my hubby got me recently because they are my very favorite thing to wear.  They are long and loose and stylish.  I wear them every week to work (and I'd wear them everyday if I could).  I've been tired lately.  My legs feel like I've walked many miles by the end of the day.  My stomach feels off sporadically.  But then in the mix of it all I'll have moments when I feel fantastic.  It's a big mix right now.  Heartburn is daily though.

Cravings:  Food doesn't always sound that fantastic.  I just need to eat at this point because I really am hungry.  We made a homemade pizza last Wednesday (trying to use up the homegrown tomatoes) and it was delicious.  I also got a salad from my very favorite vegan cafe one day that had the works on it - "chicken" strips, walnuts, cranberries, apple, "blue cheese", all topped with a poppyseed dressing.  

I had a huge veggie burger with fries on Sunday.  Oh, and a few onion rings!  On Friday night I needed something basic and nutritious for dinner.  I made a whole lot of apple cider vinegar tofu over brown rice with a pile of steamed kale.  

  Sleep:  Fine.  Even on the nights that I get a good amount of sleep I still wake up feeling tired.  I'm just tired lately in general.  I get random bursts of energy and I'll be productive around the house, but then I'll need to rest for a while.  There's absolutely no sleeping through the night at this point due to bathroom breaks.  I slept in until 8AM both weekend mornings which is practically unheard of for me.  It was so nice not to have an alarm to follow.

Best Moments (and some happenings):  Feeling baby boy's kicks!  They are downright entertaining at times.  One morning I kept seeing a bulge right below my right rib area.  I assume it was a foot.  It's so funny to me.  When we're relaxing at night and he's bouncing around, I just love it.  There's definitely much less room for him to move so I really feel the jabs at this point.  Feeling his movements will forever be one of my favorite things.

My hubby and I drove to a Phish concert last week.  It was an absolutely beautiful night to just be out on the lawn listening to the music.  I also got a pile of fresh cut fries that were salty deliciousness.  We only stayed about an hour an a half because (1) it was getting way past my current bedtime and (2) we didn't want to be around the cigarette smoke.  So the fresh air was nice while it lasted and then we had a relaxing hour drive home listening to a book on tape.   

Over the weekend we bought our very first lawnmower.  It's a big deal.  When we moved into our house we just happened to stumble across a lawnmower someone had left on the side of the road, and it lasted us a whole year!  Within that year we had to ask our neighbor to repair it like five times, but it was all really simple stuff for him.  However, it had it's final run over the weekend.  Now that we had to buy our very first lawnmower, I really feel like an adult ;)

On top of that, our vacuum decided to freakout over the weekend as well.  We had to say goodbye to that too.  New vacuum is on it's way from Target this week and it's supposed to be really good at getting rid of pet fur.  A quality vacuum is life changing with my two furry pups.  

On Monday morning, just as my husband was dropping me off at work, his car started to overheat.  Uh oh... Our plan is to buy a new car this fall, but that plan just got bumped up a bit.  Thankfully his car just needed a new water pump and it wasn't too pricey.  However, we were basically told that his car could last a week or a year.  Hmmm...not the most reassuring news.  Therefore, we are heading to the Subaru dealership tonight to start the process. On a happy note, we put the car seat in my hubby's car (even though now we may be taking it out - oops!) on Saturday, so those pups enjoyed their final ride in his car prior to the car seat being installed.  They love to come everywhere with us, but now that my husband cleaned all the fur out of his car, we want to keep it clean for when baby boy arrives.  The pups will just have to be patient for their car rides.

Saturday morning errands with our pups!

 Sunday was my mother-in-laws birthday.  Happy happy birthday!  We drove to my hometown and visited with family for the day.  Great food (that veggie burger I mentioned), wonderful company, and happy birthday celebrating.  It was a really nice day.  Later that night we came home and finished baby boy's room. 

On the road on Sunday...

We hung the window and closet curtain my mom made for the nursery (thanks, Mom!).  There is literally nothing else we plan to do to his room.  Baby boy, your room is ready for you!

My mom made the owl curtains and my mother-in-law made that adorable blanket on the chair.  Talented ladies!

 Goals:  I had my 37 week doctor's appointment yesterday and at this point it's just time to wait for baby boy's arrival.  We are so excited to meet you whenever you're ready!